Volume 20 Articles

We Cannot Be More Welcoming Than The Lord Is (09/08/2019)

Balanced Fruit Inspectors (09/15/2019)

Inspecting Fruit Without Being A Busybody (09/22/2019)

Exercising Contrition (09/29/2019)

Be Needed And Be Needy (10/6/2019)

Brethren With Carnal Matters Against Each Other (10/13/2019)

Uncompromising Forbearance (10/20/2019)

Burden Bearing (10/27/2019)

Are Church Buildings Really About God? (11/3/2019)

Withdrawing From The Erring Is Not Just A Formality (11/10/2019)

Saints Should Not Do Things Only If There Is Something To Gain (11/17/2019)

Does The Teaching Of Truth Require Validation From Peers? (11/24/2019)

Faith Which Worketh By Love (12/01/2019)

Must You Sell Everything You Have And Follow Jesus? (12/08/2019)

“That Thou Stir Up The Gift Of God” (12/15/2019)

Is The Conclusion Consistent? (12/22/2019)

Why Would You Accept Falling And Being Withdrawn From? (12/29/2019)

Peter Didn’t Give Up (01/05/2020)

What If The Withdrawn From Wants To Return To The Flock? (01/12/2020)

Those In Asia Turned Away From Paul (01/19/2020)

Visiting The Sick And Those In Prison (01/26/2020)

Everything Can NOT Be Covered In A Single Lesson (02/02/2020)

The Deceptiveness Of Pride (02/09/2020)

The Three Blind Wolves (02/16/2020)

When Someone Is Unstable (02/23/2020)

“I Am Not Listening Because You Aren’t Speaking In Love” (03/01/2020)

“Let The Woman Learn In Silence” (03/08/2020)

Is It Gossip To Talk About Brethren…? (03/15/2020)

A Manifest Token Of The Righteous Judgment Of God (03/22/2020)

Not To Emphasize The Red Letters Above The Rest (03/29/2020)

Unity Is Not The Standard By Which Truth Is Determined (04/05/2020)

Local Society Has A Role In Discussing Scriptural Authority (04/12/2020)

If It Bear Fruit, Well… (04/19/2020)

Growing In Love Toward One Another (04/26/2020)

Predestination Is In The Scriptures (05/03/2020)

For We Have Not Followed Cunningly Devised Fables (05/10/2020)

What Does It Mean Not To Err? (05/17/2020)

The Emotions That Arise When The Faithful Fall (5/24/2020)

Can A Woman Ever Act In Authority Over A Man? (05/31/2020)

Peace And Unity In The Local Church Takes Work (06/07/2020)

The Righteous Lord Loveth Righteousness (06/14/2020)

“Fear Ye Not Me?” (06/21/2020)

Is Forty-Eight Hours Of Faithfulness Good Enough? (06/28/2020)

“They Have Not Discovered Thine Iniquity” (07/05/2020)

Hard Lessons (07/12/2020)

Servant Of All (07/19/2020)

So Much The More, As You See The Day… (07/26/2020)

His Soul Was Not Left In Hades (08/02/2020)

Be Strong In The Lord (08/09/2020)

Good Works, Without Love, Are Unprofitable (08/16/2020)

Ready To Forgive (08/23/2020)

s Jesus Greater Than… (08/30/2020)