Words of Truth Weekly Vol 12

Volume 12 Articles

God Makes The Rules, Not The Church (09/25/2011)

“Till There Was No Remedy” (10/02/2011)

How Deeply Are You Rooted (10/09/2011)

“That’s One Smart Dog” (10/16/2011)

There’s No Scriptural Substitute For An Eldership (10/23/2011)

Beware Of A “Diotrephes” (10/30/2011)

Even The Best Teachers Need To Be Students (11/06/2011)

Being Kind Without Being Pushovers (11/13/2011)

Going Too Far With Examining Others (11/20/2011)

Consider Your End (11/27/2011)

Is It Sinful To Call Someone A Fool (12/04/2011)

Godly Wisdom Is Undervalued By Worldly Fools (12/11/2011)

The Messenger Cannot Be Elevated Above The Message (12/18/2011)

God Centered Decision-Making (12/25/2011)

Should We Meet In A Building Or A Home? (01/01/2012)

What Shall I Render Unto The Lord? (01/08/2012)

Vexed With The Filthy Conversation Of The Wicked (01/15/2012)

People Often Have A False Sense Of Entitlement (01/22/2012)

Don’t Get Into The Pool (01/29/2012)

Alcoholic Beverages Are Not Harmless (02/05/2012)

“How Can You Believe In God When…” (02/12/2012)

It’s Not Good To Have A Divided Heart (02/19/2012)

That Did Not Happen On The Cross (02/26/2012)

Does The Israel Of Today Matter (03/04/2012)

It Is A Matter Of Honesty (03/11/2012)

Are We Recruiters Or Teachers (03/18/2012)

Sin Must Be Dealt With (03/25/2012)

No Words To Comfort (04/01/2012)

If I Am An Extremist… (04/08/2012)

Some Have To See Themselves In The Mirror (04/15/2012)

Amongst Familiar Terminology (04/22/2012)

Moving Up In The World Means What Exactly? (04/29/2012)

A Difference In Mindsets (05/06/2012)

This Sounds Honorable, But It Is Not Ideal (05/13/2012)

What Do I Write? (05/20/2012)

A Horrible Famine (05/27/2012)

“Who Makes The Decisions Around Here?” (06/03/2012)

Don’t Listen To Momma If… (06/10/2012)

“When Hell Freezes Over” (06/17/2012)

Don’t Allow Your Good To Turn Into Bitterness (06/24/2012)

He That Eateth And Prayeth Not Shall Be Damned (07/01/2012)

Insincerity (07/08/2012)

The Kingdom Already Exists! (07/15/2012)

There May Often Be A Kenny Amongst Us (07/22/2012)

You Can’t Be A Family When You Don’t Communicate (07/29/2012)

“Is Modern, Mixed Dancing Sinful?” (08/05/2012)

Is There A Separate Law For Family Members? (08/12/2012)

“You’re Going To Prevent Me From Worshipping God” (08/19/2012)

“They’ll Stop Practicing It…” (08/26/2012)

The Unchanging Standard (09/02/2012)

The Consistent Standard (09/09/2012)

Who Is Driving Your Life? (09/16/2012)