Words of Truth

False Doctrines Exposed

Abusing Authority


Are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John In The New Testament?

Being A Member Of The Church Of Christ Is Not Enough

Before You Execute Matthew 18:15-17…

Believing Something Doesn’t Make It A Fact

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Clarifying Some Misunderstood Things About Evangelists

Common Errors Made Acts 18:24-28


Does I Corinthians 14:34-35 Forbid Women From Speaking In A Class?

Evangelistic Oversight

Godly Peace Cannot Come Through Unlawful Compromise

If You Just Pluck Verses Out Of Context...

Institutionalism (A Seven Section Study)

Jesus Didn't Die To Purchase A Movement

Overreaching Elders And Preachers

Seventh-day Adventists Exposed:

Sign Seekers

Sneaky Evangelism

Spoiling Through Philosophy

The Blank Check Of Generic Authority

The Church In Pergamos

The Consequences Of Lowering God’s Standard

The Error Of The House Church Movement

The Formation Of Cliques Within A Congregation

The Frankenchurch

The Idea Of Perpetual Ignorance Is False

The Lengths Those Opposing The Truth Will Go To

The Line Between Kindness And Compromise

The Word Of God Is Not A Truth Or A Standard

They’re (We’re) Not Sound Because Of Getting Most Things Right

True Faith Is Not Rooted In A Messenger

Unconditional Forgiveness

Was Jesus A Substitutionary, Abandoned Offering For Sin?

What About Predestination?

What Is A Salvation Issue?

Why I Use The KJV Instead Of Modern Translations

You Cannot Separate The Sin From The Sinner

We Are Not Catching Flies

We Are Not Inclined To Do Evil

We Are Not Red Letter Only Saints

We Cannot Lower God’s Standard

Who Is My Brother?

You Do Not Have A Sinful Nature