Another Outline from Brian A. Yeager
We Serve a Lord Who Stood For You – It’s Time To Stand For Him


A. You’ve heard “stand for what you believe in”.
1. Jesus believed that we were worthy of His life / death.
2. Do you believe in Him?  John 3:18; cf. John 8:24
B. Jesus did not take His responsibilities towards you lightly:
1. Luke 9:22-23
2. When Peter tried to defend the Lord by cutting of Malchus’ ear: Matthew 26:53-54
3. Jesus had to do what He did: Luke 24:44
C. Jesus did not stop because people attacked Him for what He was doing:
1. Luke 4:14-29
2. They wanted to destroy Christ for the good He did: Luke 19:47
D. Look at how much Jesus was willing to take for you:
1. Mark 8:11-12
2. Matthew 27:27-31
3. Jesus foreknew these things: Luke 18:31-33
I. How Much Will You Take For Jesus?
A. Are you committed to unwaveringly service to the Lord:
1. I Corinthians 16:13
2. Ephesians 4:14
3. Hebrews 10:23
4. HOW: II Thessalonians 2:15
B. Would you endure pain without quitting on the Lord as He did for you:
1. Physically: II Timothy 3:10-11
a. I Peter 4:1-2
b. I Peter 1:9
2. Emotionally: Acts 20:19
II. Will You Allow the Ridicule of Others To Silence Your Stand for the Lord?
A. People will attack you because you serve the Lord.
1. Luke 6:22-23
2. I Peter 3:13-14
3. Have you ever considered using persecution as a litmus test of your faith: II Timothy 3:12
B. Can you respond to attacks like a true disciple of the Lord?
1. Proverbs 24:10
2. Romans 8:17-18
3. Philippians 3:7-15
C. Will you defend the Gospel when it’s attacked?
1. Acts 20:20-24; 21:10-14
2. Philippians 1:17
III. How Lightly Do You Take Your Responsibilities to the Lord?
A. Jesus gave His life for you, have you given yours to Him?
1. Matthew 16:24-25
2. Is Christ your life: Philippians 1:21
3. Is Christ first and foremost to you in all things: Colossians 3:1-4
4. Have you counted the cost and then paid the price: Luke 14:16-33
B. Do you even understand what commitment to the Lord includes:
1. Attendance yes (Hebrews 10:25), but that’s not all…
2. Study yes (Acts 17:10-11), but that’s not all…
3. Worship yes (John 4:24), but that’s not all…
4. Giving yes (II Corinthians 9:7), but that’s not all…
5. Being an example yes (Matthew 5:14-16), but that’s not all…
6. On and one we could go, but the point is that we must be obedient in ALL things (James 2:10):
a. John 14:21
b. John 15:10
A. We cannot ever allow ourselves to be ashamed of our Lord, or He will not stand for us:
1. Matthew 10:32-33
2. Romans 10:11
B. Count your blessings in Christ and work the work that lets Him know you’ll stand for Him as He did for you!


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