Sermon Outline By Brian A. Yeager

"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).

The Need For Proper Oversight | Sermon Outline By Brian A. Yeager

The Need For Proper Oversight
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I. Introduction:

A. The primary work of a preacher/evangelist is to live and teach the word of God (I Timothy 4:11-16, II Timothy 2:1-4, II Timothy 2:22-26, II Timothy 3:14-4:5, Titus 2:1, and Titus 2:15).

  1. Sometimes that’s “clean up” duty (Titus 1:5) and efforts to keep error out of the body (I Timothy 1:3-7).
  2. Sometimes that is making sure the saved continue onward (Acts 14:22, I Corinthians 4:17, and I John 2:24).
  3. Sometimes that is teaching and converting those who are outside of Christ (Acts 8:30-38).
  4. The work of an evangelist NEVER included overseeing the local congregation.
B. Each of us are to submit to one another (Romans 12:10 and Ephesians 5:19-21).
  1. An example of how this plays out is that we tarry for one another regarding the Lord’s Supper (I Corinthians 11:23-33).
  2. Submission to one another doesn’t put the strongest in the greater authority (I Corinthians 12:22-25).
  3. Think about the vulnerabilities in this system without leaders to balance it! How often we assemble - left up to the weakest. How long we assemble - left up to the weakest. Our spiritual growth - heavily impacted by the weakest.

II. Body: Elders Are The Overseers (I Peter 5:1-4).

A. In any discussion regarding authority, we cannot forget who the chief authority in the church is (Ephesians 5:23-25, Colossians 1:12-19, and Hebrews 3:1-6).
  1. We have instructions so that we know the right ways to behave within the body of our Lord (I Timothy 3:14-15).
  2. The authority of Christ is above all people both within and without the church (Matthew 28:16-20, Ephesians 1:19-23, and I Peter 3:21-22).
B. The Scriptures show us the importance of having elders in every congregation (Acts 14:23).
  1. The idea of having “rule” (Hebrews 13:7).
  2. Men that watch for your soul (Hebrews 13:17).
C. Consider what happened of old when the shepherds of Israel failed (Jeremiah 50:6 and Zechariah 10:1-3).
  1. Scattered as the shepherds weren’t feeding or protecting the flock (Ezekiel 34:1-10).
  2. Even the future of Ephesus, in the N.T., was in jeopardy because of coming issues among the eldership (Acts 20:28-31).
D. We need qualified men (I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9).
  1. Men to whom things can be delivered into the hands of (Acts 11:27-30).
  2. Men that can capably rule […to be over, to superintend, preside over; to be a protector or guardian… to care for] (I Timothy 5:17).
  3. Without qualified, capable leaders churches have often fallen prey to men like Diotrephes (III John 1:9-11).

III. Conclusion: In the meantime, we have to be like the ants (Proverbs 6:6-8).

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