The Devil Is In The Details

By Brian A. Yeager

I. Introduction:

A. One common saying of the world is: “The devil is in the details”

1. Since the devil is the god of this world (I John 3:8-10; cf. II Corinthians 4:3-4), the world is a credible source for a such a statement.

2. As we proceed, think about those “fine print” contracts, sales agreements, contracts, user agreements, hidden doctrines in lessons by false teachers, etc. Things aren’t going to improve either (II Timothy 3:13).

B. We are not supposed to be easy targets for those seeking to gain advantage (Proverbs 14:15 and Ephesians 5:6-11).

1. Let’s not be caught off guard by the “sleight of men” (Ephesians 4:14).

2. We are supposed to be wise concerning these things (Colossians 4:5).

II. Body: He Was A Liar From The Beginning… In The Details (Genesis 3:1-7; 19-24).

A. Through subtlety [cunning craftiness] (II Corinthians 11:3).

1. Consider how they approached Jesus (Luke 20:19-26).

2. This behavior is to be renounced by us (II Corinthians 4:2).

3. We have to be aware of people’s usage of such tactics (Colossians 2:4-8).

B. We should know that people are often deceptive (Psalms 12:1-2, Psalms 28:3, Proverbs 26:24-28, and Jeremiah 12:6).

1. Think about what Jesus said to His disciples (Luke 10:3 and John 15:18-19).

2. You are a target for evil doers(I Peter 4:12-14).

3. How should we act as such (Matthew 7:15-20)?

C. Consider some examples… (II Corinthians 2:11)

1. Someone may be looking out for your well-being (doctors; family members; etc.) with their advice, suggestions, offers, etc.; but what about your spiritual well-being? We must understand that some people are not capable of giving counsel that will take our souls into consideration (I Corinthians 2:1-14)?

2. How about “may I help you” which is really “may I help you help me get paid”? Don’t false teachers use such tactics (II Peter 2:1-3; 18-22)?

3. How about those whom meaningfully deceive like they are just “playing around” (Proverbs 26:18-19).

4. Just because someone uses Scriptures, that doesn’t mean they are teaching you the truth (Matthew 22:23-33).

5. Even the world suggests not to trust a uniform, but to properly identify someone. Why, (II Corinthians 11:12-15)?

III. Conclusion: Remember, in this world, who you are and who they are (Matthew 13:24-30; 34-43).

© 2017 This material may not be used for sale or other means to have financial gain.  Use this as a tool for your own studies if such is helpful!   Preachers are welcome to this work, but please do not use my work so that you can be lazy and not do your own studies.  – Brian A. Yeager


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