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The first 7 articles below were added in March 2017. I had previous material, written in 2000-2004 that was not nearly as clear and simple to follow as the material below. My latest efforts are to simplify the subject based upon further studying I have done personally since leaving the errors of Institutionalism myself. I am always open to study with anyone that desires help. My contact information is linked to your right.

Article 1: Institutionalism - What Is It?

Article 2:
Institutionalism - Unauthorized

Article 3: Institutionalism - Is Not An Expedient

Article 4:
Institutionalism - Is A Mindset

Article 5:
Institutionalism - Individual, Concurrent, And Collective Action

Article 6:
Institutionalism - The Church Is Sufficient For Collective Work

Article 7:
Institutionalism - The Lines Are Not Clearly Drawn

Older Material Is Below…

  • Why I Left Institutionalism (this article was written in the infancy of my departure [repentance] from "Institutionalism". I have certainly learned more since then.)

What about the institutions among the "Non-Institutional" faction?  

The "Guardian of Truth Foundation" is just another "Non-Institutional" Institution
FULL OF LIARS (I John 2:3-6)!