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The following questions are taken from emails and are printed below exactly as I received them.  Names and contact information has been removed.  The answers are in note form (sorry for any of my grammar errors) to be studied through.  You’ll have to examine each Scripture below to see the points.


1. “What prophet is Matthew referring to in Matthew 2:23?”

Š     He is referring to the “prophets” (plural).

Š     I am not sure which one’s he is referring to or if he is assembling clues left in the prophets.  I do not want to make arguments just to attempt to answer this question.  I am not even sure if the prophets he is referring to are things we have available to us.  There are books we don’t have (i.e. Joshua 10:13, II Samuel 1:18, and II Chronicles 33:19).

Š     There are things said by Jesus that aren’t recorded for us (John 21:25; cf. Acts 20:35).

Š     Nazareth was in Galilee (Matthew 21:11) and we do have prophets speaking of such (Isaiah 9:1-2; cf. Matthew 4:12-16).

Š     Philip had told Nathanael Jesus was from Nazareth and Nathanael thought nothing good could come from Nazareth (John 1:43-46).  Points could be made from that discussion from the prophets (Isaiah 53:3).


2. “Why don't you follow other religious beliefs?  Billions, not millions, billions of people think your belief is incorrect.  Your faith is the minority.  The odds are against you being right, so why do you think you are right instead of them?”

Š     “Religious beliefs” do not save.  The truth (word of God, Gospel) is what saves (Psalms 19:7, Psalms 119:9, Mark 16:15-16, John 8:32, Romans 1:16, Romans 6:17-18, II Timothy 2:24-26, II Timothy 3:15, James 1:21-25, and I Peter 1:22-25). 

Š     Salvation has never and will never be amongst the majority (Isaiah 1:9, Matthew 7:13-14, Matthew 22:14, Luke 13:23-24, and I Peter 3:20-21).

Š      “I” am not right (Acts 4:10-12; cf. Romans 10:1-3).  The Lord is.  Thus, I follow Him (John 14:6).


3. “And for the last 50 years I have been studying Christian theology and the Holy Bible (I never graduated from a seminary), attending and graduating from Christian schools (High School), leading and attending numerous Bible and theology classes under Seminarians, I by now have the education of a Seminary Student.  I have never heard or read where Jesus said denominations are wrong.  In Christ’s Great Commission did he not tell his disciples to go out and spread the Good News and make disciples of all nations (and what do nations have – people!) to just follow one way.  What those people call themselves and do to worship God doesn’t matter to Jesus.”

Š     First, see the previous question as all points there apply to this as well.

Š     Secondly, regarding denominations, the Bible does show they’re wrong (I Corinthians 1:10-13).

Š     The Scriptures teach there is only ONE church/body (Matthew 16:13-18, Romans 12:4-5, I Corinthians 12:12, Ephesians 4:4-6, and Colossians 3:15).

Š     Yes, Jesus did tell the disciples to go and make disciples to follow ONE WAY – His way (Matthew 28:18-20; cf. Colossians 3:17).

Š     What people do to worship God DOES and ALWAYS has mattered (Joshua 24:14, Proverbs 15:8, Matthew 15:7-9, John 4:23-24, I Corinthians 11:18-34, and Colossians 2:18-23).

Š     You cannot be saved following your or any other person’s own way (Proverbs 14:12).

Š     Your problem is that you have your eyes and ears open to everything (“theology” and schools of men of which there is no authority) BUT the truth (Ephesians 5:6 and Colossians 2:8).


4. “Where can we find testimonies of peoples who saw Jesus was raised from dead?”

Š     Acts 2:32, Acts 3:15, Acts 4:33, Acts 5:29-32, Acts 10:35-43, and I Corinthians 15:1-15.



Š     No such terminology in the Bible!  Thus, I really don’t have an answer (I Peter 4:11).

Š     The creation of offices and works that are not in the Scriptures, authorized by the Lord, is wrong (Isaiah 8:20, Jeremiah 7:30-31, II Timothy 3:16-17, II John 9, Revelation 22:14, and Revelation 22:18-19).


6. “The congregation I am worshipping with is appointing deacons.  We already have 15 elders.  One thing is now happening that has me concerned.  We are appointing unmarried men as deacons.  Is that right?”

Š     For one, I have to say that hearing of a congregation with 15 elders concerns me.  I have met very few men who are really qualified to be elders.  You should examine this (I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9; cf. Acts 20:28-31 and I Peter 5:1-4).

Š     To answer your question, a man must be married to be a deacon (I Timothy 3:8-13).


7. “The ones who are devils children are ser-pents.  The ser means they refuse and pents means to repent meaning that the devils children refuse to repent.  This is Jesus teaching from Matthew 23.33.  What I do not understand is why jesus tells the followers of him to be like ser-pents.  Does that mean he didnt whant them changing?”

Š     Matthew 23:33 is part of a context wherein Jesus was exposing the Jewish hypocritical, self-appointed leaders (Matthew 23:1-33).  Jesus did not define “serpents” as you have in that or any other context of the Bible.

Š     Your concept of “ser-pents” is not a Biblical truth.  I have no idea, at all, where you got that.  Then you took that idea and created a new doctrine.  That is wrong (Galatians 1:8-9).

Š     Jesus never taught the disciples to be like serpents.  What He did teach was for them to be as wise as serpents when they were delivered before men who were predators (Matthew 10:16-20).  To be observant, careful, etc. is expected of Christians, in using wisdom (Ephesians 5:15-17).

Š     In regard to changing… 

o  If someone is doing something wrong, they need to change (Luke 13:3, Acts 3:19, Acts 26:18-20, II Peter 3:9, and Revelation 2:1-5).

o  If someone is doing what is right, they must not change (Luke 11:28, Ephesians 4:14, I Thessalonians 5:21, I Timothy 1:3-7, II Timothy 1:13, and Hebrews 10:23).


8. “When God was telling us about the last days in Isaiah 3 he said children would be our rulers.  Since Obama is the youngest president does that mean we are in last days?”

Š     For one, if the information I found online is correct, Obama is the fifth youngest president (;  Clinton, Kennedy, Roosevelt, and Grant were younger when they began to be in office.

Š     Isaiah was talking about “a” (for there were others and even was going to be in the first century long after this one cf. Matthew 24:1-34) fall of Judah and Jerusalem [including Zion] (Isaiah 3:1, Isaiah 3:8, and Isaiah 3:16-17), not US.

Š     We ARE in the last days.  The whole world has been since the first century (Acts 2:1-22, Hebrews 1:1-2, and I John 2:18).

Š     The fact is, Jesus could come at any time (II Peter 3:3-14).  There are no signs of the exact day the world will end (Matthew 24:35-36).





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