Sermon Outline By Brian A. Yeager

"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).

The Qualification Of Elders - A Lover Of Good Men

A Study About Elders
(Part 20)
A Lover Of Good Men
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I. Introduction:

A. There have been times wherein it was very difficult to find good men on earth (Psalms 14:1-4).

  1. In a prophesy about the first coming of Christ, Isaiah established that apostasy was rampant (Isaiah 53:6).
  2. As of the fist century, evil men were only going to get worse (II Timothy 3:13).
  3. Remember, few will be saved (Matthew 7:13-14).
B. Some have been so corrupt that they don’t even know how to do good (Jeremiah 4:22).
  1. As we have discussed often, a mature Christian can discern the difference between good and evil (Hebrews 5:14).
  2. We have to define good by what is acceptable in the sight of God (Deuteronomy 13:18 and Hebrews 13:21).

II. Body: A Lover Of Good Men (Titus 1:8).

A. The terminology “lover of good men” comes from the Greek meaning: “fond of good, i.e. a promoter of virtue: — love of good men” (Strong’s # 5358). It only appears in this one verse.
  1. We are talking about someone who is set on good, doing good, loving good, etc. (Psalms 34:14 and Galatians 4:18).
  2. The mindset of saints should be directed towards what is good (Philippians 4:6-8).
  3. According to God, good and evil is revealed by action (III John 1:11).
  4. Understand, there have been those whom are the opposite of this instruction (Psalms 52:1-4).
B. Loving, being fond of - good (Amos 5:15).
  1. A “do-gooder” (I Peter 3:8-12).
  2. If you love the Lord, you should hate evil (Psalms 97:10, Proverbs 8:13, and Romans 12:9).
C. Loving good and hating evil equips an elder to exhort, convict, rebuke, etc. (Titus 1:9-14).
  1. He will hate every false way (Psalms 119:104) and therefore be set to contend against evil (Proverbs 28:4).
  2. Since he loves good, he will understand what one sinner can do to what is good (Ecclesiastes 9:18).
  3. To protect the good, he’ll not ignore even that one sinner (Hebrews 12:15).
  4. This man will be an adversary to those whom render evil for good (Psalms 139:21-22).
D. When leaders loved the evil instead of the good (Micah 3:1-12).
  1. Elders likened to the evil of the past, who would be trusted with purposed funds (Acts 11:27-30), would not use such properly (Amos 8:4).
  2. They will make the Lord’s people to err (Isaiah 9:16, Jeremiah 23:1-2, and Matthew 15:1-14).
  3. Truth teachers will be cut down (Amos 5:10-13 and Acts 7:51-58) and commanded NOT to teach truth (Acts 4:1-5:40).
  4. God has shown, He will destroy His people when leaders love evil and cause the flock to follow such (Jeremiah 6:13-19).

III. Conclusion: Ever follow that which is good (I Thessalonians 5:15).

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