Sermon Outline By Brian A. Yeager

"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).

The Qualification Of Elders - No Striker

A Study About Elders
(Part 11)
No Striker
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I. Introduction:

A. Being a physically violent person is not a good thing (Proverbs 16:29).

  1. Rather than causing a fight, we should be desirous of calming down such situations (Proverbs 15:1-2 and Proverbs 15:18).
  2. Paul chose to use the power given to him to inflict physical harm (Acts 13:4-12), but he didn’t use that ability to win physical altercations (Acts 14:19-20).
B. In all that we shall address, let’s be mindful that there is a balance…
  1. Having a willingness to take an insulting blow and not respond in a like manner is one lawful response (Matthew 5:38-39).
  2. Also, we have a Scriptural right of self-defense (Exodus 22:2-3, Luke 11:21, and Luke 22:36) as long as we stay within the boundaries of civil law (I Peter 2:13-16).

II. Body: No Striker (I Timothy 3:3 and Titus 1:7).

A. A striker is someone that is: “a smiter, i.e. pugnacious (quarrelsome): — striker. Bruiser, ready for a blow; a pugnacious, contentious, quarrelsome person” (Strong’s # 4131).
  1. This is a physical hitting of someone (i.e. Luke 22:63-64).
  2. Should we be looking at the people around about us with the intentions of throwing a punch even if they are our enemies (Mark 12:28-34, Romans 13:8-10, and Galatians 5:14)?
  3. We will address “contentious” when we discuss an elder not being a “brawler” (I Timothy 3:3).
B. Some people will submit to those who hurt them (II Corinthians 11:20).
  1. So-called religious leaders have used such tactics (John 18:20-22 and Acts 23:1-2).
  2. The Jews even tried to silence the Gospel using physical violence (Acts 4:13-21 and Acts 5:27-42).
  3. Saints whom have authority over others should not use physical violence against them to sustain authority (Ephesians 6:9).
C. Consider where this mentality comes from (James 4:1-2).
  1. Serving carnal lusts is foolish disobedience (Titus 3:1-3).
  2. Such internal conflict is troublesome (Galatians 5:17).
  3. What’s that all lead to (James 1:13-16 and Jude 1:15-18)?

III. Conclusion: Our fight is not a physical one (II Corinthians 10:1-5).

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