March 2010 Q & A

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March 2010 Questions / Answers

1. “Brian, is it wrong to look forward to death if you are a christian? Also, I have heard of people ‘letting go’ at the time of death. Can we choose when we let go of our souls?”

2. “Sir, why do you act like the New Testament of Christ is a law? It is not!!!! Christ is not a lawgiver Gal. 3:13. Your are ignorant of truth."

3. “Must I do works to be saved?”


5. “There is much study over the Romans and Jews about who really is the murderer of Jesus. The way I see it they are both guilty. Anything you want to add for studies on this?”

6. “Brother Yeager: how does someone work to help a person in overcoming a serious addiction to internet pornography?”

7. “Were there any animals that made it high enough on mountains to make it through the flood that was not on the ark that God had Noah build?”

8. “Where is the biblical approval by God for a evangelist to involve himself in any matter in a congregation where he is not an active member? Please do not give a scripture that refers to an apostle working with a congregation.”

9. “Brian. If someone has sinned against you and has repented but you can’t seem to forgive them. Is that wrong?”

10. “Why should someone who is not Jewish study the Old Testament?”

11. “does 1st Corn. 9:21 teach us to agree with the views of others in the church for unity?”