June 2010 Q & A

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June 2010 Questions / Answers

1. “When one is baptized, should he/she changes his/her name? What about Paul then Saul?”

2. “What kind of contract should a preacher have with a congregation when he is hired?”

3. “What does the Bible say about UFO’s?”

4. “As a preacher for the Church of Christ how would you answer the question about the Church of Christ being a cult?”

5. “If water baptism is required to be saved how come the Apostles were never baptized?”

6. “Did Christ have a wife and children?”

7. “Is it true that if one is truly seeking to please God that he must wear a name ‘approved by God?’ CC materials say that, ‘Investigate and be a member of no church but the one you can read about in the Bible.’ Are we correct in inferring that this limits one to the Church of Christ? Does this mean that those who ‘wear a name’ such as Methodist or Baptist should be condemned and disfellowshipped?”

8. “How do you know that biblical silence is prohibitive rather than permissive?”

9. “Will Hell ever end?”

10. “Is all of Matthew 24 discussing the end of the world”?

11. “Is it sinning if you tell a lie?”

12. “Brian. For a man to be qualified to be an elder it is written in the Bible that he must have faithful children. Where I am considering being come a member the elders have children who are not faithful who really never was faithful. I have talked to both of the elders and they have said that their children were obedient to them and that the qualification requirement is only that the children listen to their parents. Is this true?”