July 2010 Q & A

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July 2010 Questions / Answers

1. “Could you comment on the song God Give Us Christian Homes?”

*Note: in the answer to this question I said the queen is the guest in the song it should be quest which modifies the answer slightly.

2. “It seems like God created the earth so that humans should find our food and clothes from things of the forest and ground (Gen. 2, verse 9). Should we be using animals for clothing and food?”

3. “Dear Brian A. Yeager – since the messiah wants his children to be happy in this world and be fruitful and multiply; why do preachers such as you are teach that some people may not marry when they have been divorced? You are forbidding to marry which is sinning – 1 Timothy 4:3.”

4. “Was Jesus dragged into hell by Satan and tortured?”

5. “Dear Brothers in Christ Jesus. I am studying the bible and am reading about people of faith. Why was Daniel thrown to the lions?”

6. “Brian: I have heard (on more than one of your recorded messages) you say that immodest dress can include overdressing just as much as being underdressed. Can you provide biblical authority for that statement?”

7. “Is my salvation in Christ secure, or can I lose my salvation?”

8. “Brian-I have long believed that there are many things in the New Testament that were customs of the time those things occurred. Baptism by immersion was because of the heat of the desert and women wore veils because make-up was only to be seen by husbands in that far east culture. Wouldn’t you agree that a woman being in submission to her husband is one of those traditional things? The whole idea of female submission was more culturally appropriate then. Right?”


10. “1 . cr 11:21 saith that alcoholing beverage was used for lord’s supper yes or no?”

11. “Question.In songs we talk about mansions and cottages in heaven. Will family units be together in heaven and able to continue living as family?”

12. “Brother Brian. You say that faith only is false doctrine. How do you not know I John 5:1 because that scripture tells us that we are born again in Christ through faith only?”