April 2010 Q & A

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April 2010 Questions / Answers

1. “Brothers In El Paso, I do a lot of worrying about just about everything that someone could worry about. Is this bad in the Bible?”

2. “What does ‘in the name of’ in Coll. 3:17 mean exactly?”

3. “Brother Yeager, shouldn’t preachers be using the recent events in the media about Catholic Priests right now to show people how fake Catholics are?”

4. “What can we say to people that do not take sin seriously?”

5. “Brian, after reading 1 Corinthians chapter seven I am wondering why more and more we don’t warn our young people not to get married. Would you agree that we should be focusing more on the dangers of marriage rather than divorce and remarriage issues?”

6. “What does God say about the life and personhood of a fetus? Does a fetus have an identity or soul like someone who has been born?”

7. “To whom it concerns, do you believe it is sinful for churches to cooperate in the works of the church of Christ?”

8. “Dear Preacher: There have been many more earthquakes this year than I can ever remember. Are the earthquakes a sign of the coming of Jesus the Christ?”

9. “I have been part of a three way internet discussion involving how we should attempt to correct brothers in Jesus who have sinned. It is surprising to me how many different answers three people have come up with on the subject. My question is this, is it ever acceptable to correct someone in a strong manner of tone or words?”