Brian Yeager's Outlines
Genesis Outlined
In our study of the Old Testament we will find the certain books continue the direct events.  Genesis and Exodus do just that.  From Joseph’s good relationship with Egypt to Moses needing to deliver Israel from Egyptian bondage.  These two books give us much of the history of the Old Testament.  From these books we learn of creation, we learn of sin, the first destruction of the earth, the promise Christ, the Patriarchs, the deliverance of the Law known as the Ten Commandments.  All of these things need to be understood, so that we can understand how the New Testament and Jesus Christ was a necessity for eternal life in Heaven.
I. Creation to Destruction

    A.  Earliest age (1:1-11:9)
        1.  Creation (1:2-2:25) - Five Fundamentals of Science in Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning (time) God (force) created (action) the heaven (space) and the earth (matter)."
            (a) Creation of the world (1:1-2:3)
            (b) Creation of man (2:4-25) - Nothing was made without Christ John 1:1-3
            (c)  The Role of authority I Timothy 2:11-14 and I Corinthians 11:3
        2.  The fall (3:1-5:32) Geneis 3:4 how one word "not" can make a whole statement false.
            (a)  First sin - disobeying God (3:1-24) Romans 5:15-21
            (b)  Sin of Cain in killing his brother, Abel (4:1-10)
            (c)  Punishment of sin, showing God’s hatred of
                 disobedience (4:11-16)
        3.  Earliest genealogy (4:17-5:32)
    B.  Judgment of sin (6:1-9:29)
        1.  Multiplication of people and sin (6:1-5)
        2.  Judgment of God on sinfulness of man (6:6-7) 
        3.  Noah, a righteous man (6:8-13) Hebrews 11:7
        4.  The ark (6:14-21)
        5.  Obedience of Noah (6:22)
    C.  The flood (7:1-8:19) I Peter 3:20-21

II. After flood before Abraham
    A.  Flood to Babel 8:20-10:1
        1.  Noah’s sacrifice pleasing to God (8:20-21)
        2.  Earth to continue (8:22)
        3.  God blessed Noah and his sons (9:1-10)
        4.  Rainbow - a promise of no future destruction by water (9:11-17) II Peter 3:10
        5.  Sin in the godly line (9:18-29)
    B.  Tower of Babel (10:1-11:9)
        1.  Family lines after the flood (10:1-32)
        2.  Arrogance condemned (11:1-8)
        3. Languages created (11:9)
III. Abraham to Joseph

      A.  Life of Abram (11:10-25:18)
          1.  The call of Abram (11:10-30)
          2.  Abram, Sarai, Terah, and Lot go to Haran (11:31) Hebrews 11:8-10
          3.  Terah, Abram’s father, died at Haran (11:32)
          4.  Covenant God made with Abram (12:1--25:18)
          5.  First covenant made at Haran (12:1-4)
          6.  Abram and Lot journey to Shechem (12:5)
          7.  Land covenant renewed at Shechem (12:6-9)
          8. Going down into Egypt (12:10-20)
          9. Abraham is blessed with wealth (13:1-4)
          10.  Separation of Abram and Lot (13:5-13)
          11.  Land covenant confirmed (13:14-18)
          12.  Defeat of the four kings (14:1-17)
          13.  Melchizedek blesses Abram (14:18-24)
          14.  Validation of the covenant – Abram accounted righteous (15:1-21)
          15.  Hagar and Ishmael (16:1-16)
          16.  Covenant repeated, and circumcision required
          17.  Angels announce that Abram and Sarai are to have a child in their old age (18:1-16) 
          18.  Destruction of Sodom and deliverance of Lot
          19.  Abraham sins against Abimelech (20:1-18)
          20.  Birth of Isaac, the child of promise (21:1-7)
          21.  When Isaac is 12, Hagar and Ishamel sent away (21:8-20)
          22.  More association with Abimelech of Philistia
          23.  Testing of Abraham’s faith in offering of Isaac (22:1-17) Hebrews 11:17-18
          24.  Covenant again affirmed (22:18-24)
          25.  Death and burial of Sarah (23:1-20)
          26.  Rebekah and Isaac married (24:1-67)
          27.  Abraham marries Keturah and has other children (25:1-7)
          28.  Death and burial of Abraham (25:8-9)
      B.  Life of Isaac (25:10–26:35)
          1.  Birth of Esau and Jacob, twin sons of Isaac and
              Rebekah (25:10–26)
          2.  Esau, the first born, sells birthright to Jacob
          3.  Jacob sins in the matter of Abimelech and Rebekah
          4.  Jacob prospers (26:12-14)
          5.  Re-digging the water wells (26:15-33)
          6.  Esau’s bad marriages (26:34-35)
      C.  Life of Jacob (27:1-35:29)
          1.  Jacob secures parental blessing by deception
          2.  Hatred of Esau for Jacob, and departure of Jacob to Haran (27:41-28:3)
          3.  Blessing of Abraham given to Jacob (28:4)
          4.  Fortunes of Jacob journeying to Haran (Padan Aram) (28:5-22)
          5.  Jacob’s marriages and children born to him
          6.  Jacob returns to Canaan and is reconciled to Esau (30:1-33:20)
          7.  Dinah, daughter of Jacob, defiled and avenged
          8.  Jacob and his family go to Beth-el (35:1-8)
          9.  Jacob receives blessing from Jehovah (35:9-16)
          10.  Birth of Benjamin and death of Rachael, beloved wife of Jacob (35:17-20)
          11.  Jacob at Ephrath (35:21-27)
          12.  Death and burial of Isaac (35:28-29)
D. Life of Esau (36:1-43)

IV. Life of Joseph (37:1-50:26)

          1.  Joseph’s relation with his father and brothers
          2.  Joseph sold to bondage in Egypt; Jacob deceived by his sons (37:25-36)
          3.  Sin of Judah, Jacob’s oldest son, with Tamar his daughter-in-law (38:1-30)
          4.  Joseph put in prison in Egypt (39:1-23) Genesis 39:9 Sin is against God
          5.  Joseph interprets the dreams of the Baker and the Butler (40:1-23)
          6.  Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream, is released from prison, and rises to great power (41:1-52)
          7.  A great famine over all the land (41:53-57)
          8.  Jacob sends his sons to Egypt for grain (42:1-38)
          9.  Jacob sends his sons to Egypt for grain a second time (43:1-34)
          10.  Joseph proves his brothers and reveals himself to them (44:1-45:16)
          11.  Jacob and his family brought to Egypt and settle in Goshen (45:17- 47:12) Genesis45:1-16 shows God's providence notice verses 7-8
          12.  Joseph made Egypt powerful and wealthy; Jacob and his sons also prospered (47:13-31)
          13.  Jacob, knowing his death is near, blesses his sons and grandsons (48:1-49:32)
          14.  Jacob dies and the body is carried to Canaan to be buried at Machpelah (49:33-50:13)
          15.  After a few more years, Joseph dies and is embalmed and his body placed in a coffin in Egypt (50:14-26) Hebrews 11:22

Throughout the New Testament we find references to many of the things which occurred in this book.  Hebrews 11, the great faith chapter has many of those things.  For instance:

 I Corinthians 15:21-22
“21.  For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.
22. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.”

Luke 19:10
“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

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