Brian Yeager's Outlines
II Samuel Outlined
I.   Davidís Reign Over Judah (1:1 to 4:12) 
A. Report of the death of Saul and Jonathan (1:1-11) 
1. David returned from the slaughter of the Amalekites (1:1) 
2. An Amalekite came out of the camp of Saul in mourning (1:2) 
3. The Amalekite reports the death of Saul and Jonathan (1:3-11) 
a. The Amalekite claimed to have killed Saul (1:7-10) The real truth is found in I Samuel 31:3-6
b. The Amalekite brought Saulís crown and bracelet to David (1:11) 
4. David and his men mourn the death of Saul and his sons (1:12) Proverbs 24:17
5. David causes the Amalekite to be executed (1:13-16) I Samuel 26:9
6. Davidís eulogy of Saul and Jonathan (1:17-27) 
B. David appointed King over Judah (2:1-7) 
1. David goes to Hebron and is made King (2:2-4) 
2. David rewards the people of Jabesh-Gilead for burying Saul (2:5-7) 
C. Conflict between King David of Judah and the rest of the nation (2:8-32) 
1. Abner makes Ishbosheth, Saulís son, King over Israel (2:8-11) 
2. A conflict between Judah and Israel (2:11-32) 
a. Twelve men from either side killed at the pool of Gibeon (2:12-16) 
b. Battle between Judah and Israel (2:17) 
c. Abner of Israel kills Asahel, brother of Joab (2:18-23) 
d. Joab and Abishai pursue Abner (2:24) 
e. Abner negotiates truce with Joab (2:25-29) 
f. The body count Ė 19 men of Judah; 360 men of Israel (2:30-31) 
g. Joab and his army retire to Hebron (2:32) 
3. Long war between Judah and Isarel (3:1-39) 
a. Six sons born to David at Hebron (3:2-5) 
b. Isbosheth, the King, falsely accuses Abner, his general (3:6-11) 
c. Abner agrees to deliver Israel to David (3:12) 
d. Abner comes to David when Joab is absent (3:13-19) 
e. David makes a feast for Abner and his men (3:20) 
f. Abner makes a deal to deliver Isarel to David (3:21) 
g. Joab upset over the visit of Abner (3:22-25) 
h. Joab send messengers to call Abner back to Hebron (3:26) 
i. Joab kills Abner in the gate of Hebron (3:27) 
4. David mourns the death of Abner (3:28-39) Notice verse 39 and II Corinthians 5:10
a. David rebukes Joab and Abishai for killing Abner (3:28-30) 
b. David is grieved over the death of Abner (3:31-34) 
c. The nation of Israel is solidified behind David (3:35-39) 
5. Death of Ishboseth, King of Israel (4:1-12) 
a. Jonathanís son, Mephibosheth, was lame in his feet (4:4) 
b. Baanah and Rechab kill Ishboseth (4:5-7) 
c. Baanah and Rechab bring the head of Ishboseth to David (4:8) 
d. Baanah and Rechab executed for murdering Ishboseth (4:9-12). 
II.   Davidís Reign Over All Israel (5:1 to 20:26) 
A. The kingdom united (5:1-5) From David's throne Isaiah 9:7 & Acts 2:29-30There would be an everlasting Kingdom Daniel 2:44; 4:3; 7:13-14; Hebrews 12:28, and II Peter 1:11
B. Victories of David (5:6-25) 
1. Jerusalem is captured (5:6-10) 
a. The task was difficult, but David took the city (5:6) 
b. It became known as "the city of David" (5:7) Jerusalem is the place the church began Matthew 3:2, Mark 9:1, Acts 1:8, and Acts 2:1-4Also, the first place for the Great Commission to be given from man to manIsaiah 2:2-3 and Luke 24:47.
c. Joab lead the assault and became chief captain (5:8-9) 
d. Davidís fame increased (5:10) 
e. Palace built for David 5:11-12) 
f. Davidís family (5:13-15) 
2. Defeat of the Philistines (5:17-25) 
C. Ark of the Covenant brought to Jerusalem (6:1-23) 
1. David begins to move the ark from Kirjath-jearim to Jerusalem (6:1-5) 
2. Uzzah struck dead (6:6-11) Numbers 4:15-20
3. The ark moved from the house of Obed-edom to Jerusalem (6:12-19) 
4. Michal despises David (6:20) 
5. Michal had no child to the day of her death (6:20-23) 
D. David not allowed to build a house for Jehovah (7:1-29) 
E. Davidís victories over all his enemies (8:1 to 10:19) 
1. David defeats the Philistines and the Moabites (8:1-2) 
2. David defeats Hadadezer of Zobah and the Syrians (8:3-8) 
3. Hamath submits to David (8:9-11) 
4. David subdues Syria, Moab, Ammon. Edom (8:9-18) 
5. David seeks out and honors Mephibosheth, Jonathanís son (9:1-13) 
6. Davidís messengers to Ammon are insulted (10:1-5) 
7. David defeats the combined forces of Ammon and Syria (10:6-19) 
F. Davidís great sin (11:1 to 12:24) 
1. Joab fights against Ribbah, but David remains in Jerusalem (11:1) 
2. David seduces Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, the Hittite (11:2-5) 
3. David attempts to cover his sin (11:6-13) 
4. David instructs Joab to have Uriah killed in battle (11:14-17) 
5. Death of Uriah reported to David (11:16-25) 
6. David marries Bathsheba (11:26-27) 
7. Nathanís parable of the ewe lamb (12:1-14) 
8. Death of Davidís son (12:15-23) 
9. Birth of Solomon (12:24-25) 
10. Victory over Ribbah of Ammon (12:26-31) 
G. Absalomís rebellion (13:1 to 19:40) 
1. Amnon rapes Abslalomís sister, Tamar (13:1-18) All 3 are David's children
2. After two years Absalom had Amnon murdered (13:19-29) 
3. Absalom goes into exile (13:30-39) 
4. Joab arranges to have Absalom brought home (14:1-23) 
5. David refuses to see Absalom (14:24) 
6. David and Absalom reconciled (14:25-33) 
7. Absalomís conspiracy against his father, Daivd (15:1-29) 
8. David leaves Jerusalem (15:30) 
9. Ahithophel is among the conspirators (15:31) 
10. David receives gifts from Mephibosheth (16:1-4) 
11. Shimei curses David (16:5-14) 
12. Atrocious counsel of Ahithophel (16:15-23) 
13. Advice of Hushai (17:1-14) 
14. Word sent to David about the plans of Absalom (17:15-22) 
15. Ahithophel hangs himself (17:23) 
16. Provisions given to David at Mahanaim (17:24-29) 
17. The battle is joined (18:1-8) 
18. Joab kills Absalom (18:9-17) 
19. Absalomís momument (18:18) 
20. David mourns for Absalom (18:19-33) 
21. Joab rebukes David (19:1-8) 
22. Davidís kingship confirmed by all the tribes (19:9-15) 
23. Shimei forgiven (19:16-24) 
24. Restoration of Mephibosheth (19:25-30) 
25. Treatment of Barzillai and Chimham (19:31-40) 
26. Dissension and jealously among the tribes (19:41-43) 
H. Revolt of Sheba (20:1-26) 
III.   Famine, numbering of the People, and David's return to God (21:1 to 24:25) 
       A.   Three year famine (21:1-9) 
       B.   Reburial of Saul and Jonathan (21:10-14) 
       C.   Four battles against the Phlistines (21:15-22)
       D.   Davidís psalm of thanksgiving for Godís protection (22:1-51) 
       E.   The last words of David (23:1-7) 
       F.    A list of Davidís mighty men (23:8-39) 
       G.   Numbering of the people (24:1-9) I Chronicles 21:1
       H.   Plague sent for making the census (24:10-17) 
        I.   David sacrifices to the Lord to stay the plague (24:18-25) 

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