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"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).

Having A Basic Understanding of Some Old Testament Truths

Part 334 – A Brief Recap Of Some Events From Genesis Through Numbers

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1. In the beginning, how many days did God use to create the heavens and the earth?

2. Did the first family on earth function properly?

3. Did people in the earlier days of the world live longer than today?

4. What caused God to bring the flood upon the earth and destroy all but eight people?

5. Were all of the creatures taken onto the ark in numbers of two?

6. Did God literally drown people and beasts by the flood?

7. Why do rainbows exist?

8. How did Babel come into existence?

9. How significant is Abram [Abraham] regarding the salvation of all humanity?

10. How did Jacob get Esau’s birthright?

11. Who was named Israel and how did the “tribes of Israel” get their names?

12. Who was given a coat of many colors and what did that cause?

13. What caused Israel to be put into Egyptian bondage?

14. How did Moses escape being put to death as a male child?

15. After Moses fled Egypt and married (Exodus 2:11-22), why did God call upon him and was Moses readily willing to do what the Lord asked of him?

16. What did God do to set Israel free from Egypt through Moses and Aaron?

17. Why were the children of Israel to remember the Passover?

18. What did the Lord do for Israel when they were pursued by Pharaoh and his army?

19. Were the children of Israel satisfied for long with being set free from Egyptian bondage?

20. If you read Exodus 19-23, would you conclude there were only ten commandments?

21. Who was separated from the children of Israel and made priests unto them?

22. When Moses delayed coming down from the mount, what did Israel do and why didn’t God destroy them all?

23. Did the Lord give general or detailed instructions concerning the building of the tabernacle?

24. As the children of Israel journeyed, how did they know when to go onward in their journey?

25. Were the offerings for sin simple as you read through the beginning of Leviticus?

26. What caused Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, to die?

27. What would have happened had a priest drank wine and then entered the tabernacle?

28. Were physical impurities of the flesh of significance under the Law of Moses?

29. When studying through Leviticus, do you find that the children of Israel were expected to punish some sins with a physical death penalty?

30. Could a priest have gotten married? Was he expected to be pure?

31. What was pentecost?

32. Were the children of Israel, in the book of Leviticus, clearly warned of disobedience as well as told that God would remember His covenant with their fathers?

33. What criteria was used in the numbering of Israel?

34. Who did God take from among the children of Israel instead of all the firstborn?

35. What occurred during the vow of a Nazarite?

36. Were there only a couple of occasions wherein Israel was to blow trumpets?

37. When Moses got overwhelmed, who was appointed to help him?

38. Why was Miriam, Moses’ sister, stricken with Leprosy?

39. Why were Joshua and Caleb the only two spies that didn’t die of the plague God sent?

40. Why were the Amalekites and the Canaanites able to smite and discomfit Israel?

41. What happened when a man gathered sticks on the Sabbath Day?

42. Why did fourteen thousand seven hundred Israelites die, in addition to those that died about the matter of Korah?

43. What error did Moses commit that kept him from the promised land?

44. When studying about Balaam, how does Revelation 2:14 help you?

45. What caused God to want the heads of the people hung up before Him against the sun?

46. What did Phinehas do to turn away God’s wrath from the children of Israel?

47. What was given by God as a law if a man died and had no son to take his inheritance?

48. Who was chosen to lead Israel in Moses’ place?

49. What happened when the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and half of the tribe of Manasseh wanted to stop short of entering the promised land and stake a claim?

50. Who divided the land up for the tribes?

51. What was a city of refuge?

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