Brian Yeager's Outlines
Muzzling the Preacher


A. The term “muzzling” is defined by Webster to mean: “to restrain from expression; to gag.”
1. Certain parties among brethren try to force sound men to steer clear of teaching on certain issues because they fear their fruits may be made known (Matthew 12:33).
2. Certain congregations do not want men to teach on certain subjects because they want to remain on neutral ground, but there is truly no such thing as neutral ground (Matthew 12:30 and Revelation 3:15-16).
B. In battle, an opposing army often attempts to immediately cut communications so that no one can be warned of the invasion.
1. False teachers immediately attempt to cut off those who will sound the warning at their approach.
2. The Lord warned us that there would be wolves in sheep’s clothing, but He also told us that we can know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:15-20).  – So, be a fruit inspector.
I. A Preacher Must Not Allow Himself to be Muzzled
A. A gospel preacher is supposed to reprove, rebuke, and exhort when the truth is welcomed and not welcomed (II Timothy 4:2).
1. In preaching the word we can expect to have those who say evil about us (Luke 6:26).
2. But we must not sell the truth (Proverbs 23:23).
B. Gospel preachers will be held accountable for their silence:
1. Ezekiel 3:18 
2. Acts 20:26-27 
C. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16), and if the Gospel is silenced men will not be saved:
1. Romans 10:14 /  CF. Romans 10:17
2. I Corinthians 1:21 
II. There Are Ways That Unfaithful Brethren Try to Silence the Truth
A. By demanding preachers to preach generalized lessons on that remove accountability from the hearer:
1. They desire “in depth” lessons on texts that are general.
2. They want the “smooth things” (Isaiah 30:9-11). 
3. They want the “New Herenutics” not the “old paths” (Jeremiah 6:16).
4. They want smooth talkers, not watchman (Jeremiah 6:17).
a. They want men who will lay down the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17), not those who will hold fast the faithful word and contend for the faith (Jude 3).
B. By enforcing the “party spirit” pressure among sound men:
1. The tools of false teachers are based in deceit, not in truth.  They attribute false beliefs to honorable men to create “straw men” they can tear down, because they cannot defeat the truth, but honorable men realize the blessing in such disgusting behavior:
a. Matthew 5:10-12 
b. Jeremiah 1:19 
c. Ezekiel 33:30-33
2. False teachers are wolves among the flock, and they want to stay that way (they do not want exposed):
a. Acts 20:28-31
b. II Peter 2:1-3
c. Jude v. 4 
C. Those in religious error have often tried to silence the faithful:
1. Ungodly men have tried to discourage godly men by proclaiming that size, age, prominence, and battle records outweigh the power of God (I Samuel 17:3-11), but a young man knowing the power of God, was not the least bit intimidated (I Samuel 17:23-58).
a. Why do men of God allow “big names” to deter them from standing for truth?  Answer as did David: “v. 26 …for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”
2. They have tried to get faithful men to bow down to idols in civil obedience, but divine disobedience (Daniel 3:8-14), but men of God would not do so even in the danger of being burned to death in fire (Daniel 3:15-18).
3. They tried to stop faithful men from praying to God (Daniel 6:3-9), but even in the face of the Lion’s Den, Daniel would not stop praying to God (Daniel 6:10-28).
4. They tried to propose trap questions (Matthew 19:3-9, Matthew 21:23-46, Matthew 22:23-46, etc.), the answer to these things is strong: Matthew 22:29 “Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.”
a. II Timothy 2:23 
b. Titus 3:9 
5. Ungodly men have tried to silence the truth by using the physical harm and prison time (Acts 4:1-18, Acts 5:26-28, Acts 16:14-23), but the response of Godly men is:
a. Acts 4:19-20 
b. Acts 5:29 
III. Bold Stands and Proper Action Must be Taken Upon Those Who Try to Stop The Whole Truth From Being Preached
A. A preacher of the Gospel of Christ must be bold [confident, fearless, brave] in his declaration of divine truth:
1. Acts 19:8
2. Ephesians 6:19-20 
B. We must reveal those who try to divide the body of Christ, deceive audiences, and silence truth (Romans 16:17-18).
1. Their mouths must be stopped (Titus 1:10-11).
2. If not stopped, their doctrines will spread (I Corinthians 5:6 and II Timothy 2:16-18).
3. But, in stopping these men of error we must be careful not to engage in manner as they do (Proverbs 26:4).  We must be sure we do not get involved in a puking contest with a buzzard.
A. We were foretold that some would depart from the faith and not endure the truth:
1. I Timothy 4:1-2 
2. II Timothy 4:3-4 
B. We must study the word of God to assure that our stands are with Christ and not with men (John 5:39 and Acts 17:10-11).

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