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Many today claim to have the ability to perform miracles through God by the aid of the Holy Spirit.  Our question: Is that biblically correct?  Can man today do as did the Apostles and early Christians?  Just when did these gifts end or will they ever?

I.  What are Spiritual Gifts?

A.  Gifts given by the Holy Spirit as listed: (I Corinthians 12:4-11).
1.  Examples of them being used – Acts 2:1-8, Acts 3:2-11, Acts 5:15-16, Acts 14:8-11, Acts 20:7-10, and Acts 28:1-10.
2.  Examples of the Lord performing miracles – Matthew 8:3-17 and Matthew 9:18-25.
B.  Anyone today claiming to have this ability needs to prove it (I Thessalonians 5:21, I John 4:1, and Matthew 10:8).

II.  How did Christians receive spiritual gifts in the first century?

A. Holy Spirit baptism
1. Promised and given to the Apostles (John 14:16-17, John 16:13, Luke 24:47-49, Acts 1:5-8, and Acts 2:1-4).
2. Given to Cornelius Acts 10:44-45.
B.  Through the laying on of Apostles hands (Acts 8:17-18, Acts 19:1-6, and Romans 1:11).
C.  There are those that contend that Acts 2:38 “the gift of the Holy Spirit” is given to all who are baptized.
1. The word “gift” in Acts 2:38 [or the Greek word “dorea”] is the same as used in Acts 8:20 and in Acts 10:45.
2. There are no longer any Apostles to lay hands on anyone, nor are there two baptisms today (Ephesians 4:5).
a.  The only baptism remaining in effect till this day is the baptism of water that saves us (John 3:3-5 and I Peter 3:20-21).
D.  What were Spiritual Gifts used for? 
1.  To confirm the word (Mark 16:15-20, I Corinthians 14:22, and Hebrews 2:3-4.)
2.  For edification and learning I Corinthians 14:26;31.
a.  After the Eunuch was converted and went home (Acts 8:25-39), what did he have to learn of Christ if the Spirit did not aid him?  How could he teach others without the aid of the Spirit?
3.  To bring about unity Ephesians 4:11-13

III.  Undeniable evidence gifts were temporary.

A.  I Corinthians 12:31 “But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.”  the next chapter.....
B.  I Corinthians 13:8-10 "8. Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.  9. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.  10. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away."  TO Identify what the "that which is perfect is - SEE CHART Titled “I Cor 13 & Eph 4”

SEE CHART Titled Oral Roberts and Benny Hinn

SEE CHART Titled “$1,100,000.00 challenge”


Comparison of:
 I Corinthians Ch. 12-13 & Ephesians 4

Study – “teleios” the English word “perfect in I Corinthians 13:10

Goal: Identifying what the word “that which is perfect” is and by this knowing when Spiritual Gifts would cease.

The word perfect “teleios” appears in James 1:25 and Romans 12:2.  How do we know the perfect will of God (hint -II Timothy 3:16-17)? 
The perfect Law of Christ was once delivered (Jude 3), is everlasting (Matthew 24:35), and is final (Revelation 22:18-19).  What would Spiritual Gifts accomplish today?

I Cor. chapters 12& 13
1. 12:28 Apostles in the church
2. 12:30 Variety of Gifts
3. 13:10 Gifts to cease 
4. 13:10…When that which 
is perfect is come 
5. 13:12 Then shall I know
6. 13:11 When I was a child, put away childish things
7. 13:11 Became a man
8. 13:12 Now see darkly
9. 12:27 Members with different work
Ephesians 4:7-16
1. 4:11 Gifts to Apostles
2. 4:8 Gave Gifts
3. 4:13 Continue till
4. 4:13 Unity [one] of Faith
5. 4:13 Knowledge of the Son of God
6. 4:14 Henceforth no more children
7. 4:15 May grow up
8. 4:14 Carried about with every wind of doctrine
9. 4:16 Whole body fitly joined together…joint supplieth


Oral Roberts and Benny Hinn – 
Liars and Thieves

Benny Hinn
"Ladies and gentleman, Jesus is shaking the world! Now something else is happening that is to me awesome! Absolutely awesome! The Lord is physically appearing in the Muslim world. I'm telling you, Paul, I am hearing it now more and more and more. Since we preachers cannot go there, Jesus is - just going there Himself. Since we preachers are not permitted to go in, He is just showing up - Himself. You know the Scriptures says clearly that the Lord did appear, did He not? Ah for forty days, isn't that right? And the, and the, and the Scriptures says he, he, he even, he even appeared to Paul. Now we are always thinking, well Jesus can't really preach, preach the Gospel. Who told you that? He was the first one to preach the Gospel. In fact He is the one who came to Paul and said, Paul, I am Jesus. He, He didn't send no angel to do that job. He did it Himself. If Jesus revealed Himself to Paul, why not reveal Himself to a lot more than just Paul? And He is doing it! The reason the Lord had to appear to Paul is because He knew Paul wouldn't listen to nobody else. Now in the case of Cornelius, the angel said send for Peter, 'cause, because Cornelius was, was ready, his heart was right, he'd been in prayer. But here's Paul killing everybody, causing 'em to blaspheme, Jesus said this man won't even listen to an angel, so I'll go do the job myself. So He went and knocked him right off his horse and preached the Gospel to him. He's doing the same thing today in the Muslim world. He's appearing, hear this, He is appearing to Muslims, saying I am Jesus of Nazareth! And they're coming to know the Lord! Why are those things happening? It's the last days! Saints, this is why we need to give to the Gospel now more than ever. You know naively say well I gave last year. Forget it! Last year it's gone! That cycle is over with! Seed time - harvest of last year is gone. Every season is a fresh season. We are in a fresh season." (Benny Hinn, TBN's Spring fundraising Praise-A-Thon, April 2nd, 2000)

Oral Roberts

1. “It is a compete contradiction that God’s "miracle healer" (Oral) would found a major medical centre! Think about it!  Oral Roberts, you may recall, is the man who claimed that Jesus told him God had chosen him to find an effective treatment for cancer. In a lengthy appeal, Roberts avowed that the Lord told him, "I would not have had you and your partners build the 20-story research tower unless I was going to give you a plan that will attack cancer." Roberts then said that Jesus instructed him to tell his partners that "this is not Oral Roberts asking [for the money] but their Lord." The project was completed, but has since been "shut down and sold to a group of investors for commercial development." And no cure for cancer was found. (Hank Hanegraaff, Christianity In Crisis, 1993, pg. 31 citing Russell Chandler, "Talked with Jesus, Evangelist Says", The Los Angeles Times, 3 February 1983, p3,16 and Clark Morphew, "What's to become of Oral Roberts 'City Of Faith?'" St. Paul Pioneer Press, 27 June 1992; reprinted in The Christian News (20 July 1992, p2) “

2.  “Prosperity teachers are so committed to presenting a Jesus who wears a Rolex that they are willing to do whatever it takes to sell this myth to their parishioners. Oral Roberts, for example, wrote a book titled "How I Learned Jesus Was Not Poor." (Hank Hanegraaff, Christianity In Crisis, 1993, pg. 187)”

3.  “On January 4, 1987, Roberts launched his most notable campaign to date. Roberts told his followers that if he did not raise a total of 8 million dollars by March, God was going to take his life ... Comparing himself to the apostle Paul, Roberts begged not to let Satan defeat him. "God" he says, "clearly told me he needs me here on earth. And here's why -- because of all the ministries, this ministry is the only one God has on this earth that owns a medical school." ... Some time later, Oral's son, Richard, took pen in hand to warn of his father's impending doom. Without "the additional $4,500.000." explains Richard, "God will not extend Dad's life" He then pleads, "Partner, we cannot let this man of God die. There is no reason for him to die." ... After sternnly warning, "if you neglect to pay attention ... then Satan will take advantage and hit you with bad things and you will wish that 1985 had never come, " Roberts closed his letter with a hard sell. Sending a seed-faith gift will not only enable you to "stop Satan in his hate to bring you down," it will also "help you get your hundredfold return." (Hank Hanegraaff, Christianity In Crisis, 1993, pg. 196-198)”

4.  “Oral Roberts used 3 John 2: "I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers." to say to his wife, "Evelyn, now this means that we're supposed to prosper" (as Christians). Roberts goes on to recount how, after discovering this verse, God gave him a brand-new Buick. ... Evelyn enthusiastically agreed with Oral that to prosper "is God's highest wish for us." (Hank Hanegraaff, Christianity In Crisis, 1993, pg. 223 citing Roberts, "A Daily Guide to Miracles" (Tulsa, OK: Pinoak Press, 1975, p36-38 passim.)”

$1,100,000.00 Challenge
drawn up by James Randi 

This statement outlines the general rules covering my offer concerning psychic, supernatural or paranormal claims. Since claims will vary greatly in character and scope, specific rules must be formulated for each applicant. However, all applicants must agree to the rules set forth here before any formal agreement is entered into. An applicant will declare agreement by signing this form w here indicated before a notary public and returning the form to me. The eventual test procedure must be agreed upon by both parties before any testing procedures will take place. We do not act as judges. We do not design the protocol independently of the claimant. All applicants must identify themselves properly before any discussion takes place. Due to the large amount of correspondence exchanged on this subject, all correspondence must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope or in the case of foreign letters, simply a self- addressed envelope. 
(This offer is now administered by The James Randi Educational Foundation, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.) 
I, James Randi, through the James Randi Educational Foundation, will pay the sum of US$1,100,000 to any person or persons who demonstrate any psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability of any kind under satisfactory observing conditions. Such demonstration must take place under these rules and limitations: 

This offer, as of May 1, 1996, is managed and guaranteed by the James Randi Educational Foundation (J.R.E.F.), Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 
NOTE: No special rules, exceptions, conditions, standards, or favors will be accepted, without mutual agreement of those concerned in advance and any applicant who refuses to agree to meet the rules as outlined here, will not be considered to have ever been a claimant. Only complete agreement with these rules will constitute the applicant being considered a "claimant." Applicant, by signing, notarizing and returning this form, signifies agreement with all of the above rules. 
(signed) James Randi
c/o James Randi Educational Foundation
201 S.E. Davie Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815

The Bible teaches that Spiritual Gifts have ceased.  The information above show how money hungry these false teachers and fake healers are.  Seems as though they have the Simon problem (Acts 8:13-24).

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