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"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).

March 2017 Questions & Answers

The following questions are taken from emails and are printed below exactly as I received them.  Names and contact information has been removed.  The answers are in note form (sorry for any of my grammar errors) to be studied through.  You’ll have to examine each Scripture below to see the points.  Please be mindful that there are often circumstances and details to every question that could potentially change the answer.  Rightly divide the truth (II Timothy 2:15).

1. “What is the difference between unity and tolerance? And what is the basis for unity? How long can I worship with brethren that are wrong before I become in the wrong for fellowship with them?”

2. “what can we be thankful for?”

3. “I do not believe that Polygamy is sinful per se, but it isn't God's ideal, and tends to become sinful like hoarding wealth. I know you don’t agree. What is your basis of disagreement since many in the good book practiced Polygamy?”

4. “What does Col.1:13 mean about being translated into the kingdom?”

5. “Are believers required by Jesus to follow the leadership of Donald Trumf?”

6. “Can you explain righteousness?”

7. “The 4th commandment is the only one that says remember and keep holy. God never changes his commandments. Read what mans punishment is for disobeying the commandments. If you disobey the least of these you have disobeyed them all. The passage they try to change the sabbath is where his followers gathered togather after his death. Nothing more than we would do when we morn for one we lost. If the Sabbath changed at that time then why does Paul reference the Sabbath 84 times in Acts? Was Paul's writings wrong?”


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