Lessons For Christians

"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).

Lessons For Christians | Bible Study Materials

A Balanced Handling Of Knowledge
A Brother Transgressed Against
A Conversation At The Well
A Double Minded Man is Unstable in All His Ways
A Healthy Exterior, But...
A Lesson Of Reminders
A Peculiar People, Zealous Of Good Works
A Review Of Some First Principles
A Willing Mind
A Willingness To Be Corrected
Above And Beyond
Abstain From All Appearance Of Evil
Actions Speak Louder Than Words 
All His Righteousness Shall Not Be Remembered
Am I a Follower of Christ or Just a Hypocrite?
An Ancient Anger
And If It Bear Fruit
Anything Else Is Surplus
Are We Of Them That Draw Back?
Are You Growing Spiritually?
Are You "In It" For The Reward, To Avoid Hell, What?
Ask No Questions For Conscience Sake
Ask Thomas What Your Missing When You Don't Assemble with the Saints
Balancing Being In The World, But Not Of The World
Balanced Comfort
Baptism Won't Change You
Be A Sermon
Be Not Soon Shaken In Mind
Be More Ready To Hear
Be Strong In The Lord.
Because Iniquity Shall Abound…
Becoming All Things to All Men Without Becoming Strangers to God
Behaving As A Christian Should
Being A Doer Of The Word
Being Able To Adapt
Being An Active People
Being Balanced
Being Confident Soldiers  
Being God's People
Being Made Righteous Rather Than Self-Righteous
Being Strangers and Pilgrims
Believing Something Doesn’t Make It A Fact
Blessed Are The Eyes
Blind Leaders Of The Blind
Bodily Exercise Profiteth Little
Bold Like A Lion
Boldness In The Day Of Judgment
Brethren Have Become Too Unconcerned (Indifferent)
Building Endurance
But The Flesh Is Weak
Can Anyone's Personal Beliefs Change What God has Revealed?
Can You Preach It Without Your Own Commentary?
Carnal Vs. Spiritual Thinking
Carnal Vs. Spiritual Thinking About Death
Carnally Minded is Death
Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord
Character Qualities Of A Faithful Person
Check Your Attitude
Christian View Of Legal Immigration
Christians Who Are Willingly Troubled In Mind
Clarifying Some Misunderstood Things About Evangelists
Conservative By Accident???
Consequences Of Lowering God’s Standard
Consequences of Standing for the Truth      
Consider What You're Worth
Correct The Erring
Christians - A  Different Kind of People
"Christians" - Chart on the Term
Christians Together in Love
Choose One Or The Other 
Comfort, Edify, Warn, Support, And Be Patient
Common Symptoms of Unfaithfulness
Deceitfulness Of Sin
Deductive Scriptural Reasoning 
Determined Without Being Stubborn
Devil Is In The Details
Do My Wants Line Up With His Wants?
Don't Be Or Become The "Old Dog"
Does It Take A Large Congregation to Get the Job Done?
Does Your Company, Speech, and Conduct Betray You?
Don’t Unnecessarily Add Distractions To Your Life
Don't Allow The Motivation Of Love To Be Lost In You
Don't Be An Easy Target
Don't Be Afraid To Let It Breathe
Don't Be Like The Mule
Don’t Be Nonchalant Concerning Your Salvation
Don't Be Overdoers, Underdoers, Or Undoers
Don't Be So Careless
Don't Be Stubborn
Don't Delay
Don't Forget The Joy
Don't Get Distracted
Don't Go Along To Get Along
Don't Forget You're Running A Race
Don't Just Settle!
Don't Listen To The Wrong People
Don't Look Too Heavily At The Messenger
Don't Measure Yourself By The Standards Of Men
Don't Read Into Things [Making Assumptions].
Don’t Seek Glory And Honor Amongst Men
Do You Want To Be Judged Without Mercy?
Ears To Hear
Elders (2019 Series Of Lessons)
End Results Do Not Justify the Means
Enduring Grief For Conscience Toward God
Evaluating What Your Fruit Looks Like
Ever Learning and Never Able to Come to a Knowledge of the Truth
Examining Our Attitudes In How We Approach God
Failure -
Mindset of Accepting Failure & Consequences of Failure
Faithfully Living In A World Of Unfair Judgment.
Feeling What Others Are Feeling
Finding Comfort in the Lord
Flesh And Blood Cannot Inherit The Kingdom Of God
Food Convenient For Me
For They Are The Rejoicing Of My Heart

For If Ye Do These Things Ye Shall Never Fall

For What Knowest Thou
From Whom Should We Take Counsel?
Gird Up The Loins Of Your Mind
Give Glory To God
Give Us A King To Be Like Other Nations
Glory In This 
God Was Not Talking To Us In These Scriptures
God's Pattern For A Godly Family
Grace As Defined By God
Grace Teaches Us...
Growing In What You Already Know
Growth Doesn't Always Mean Learning New Things
Happy Is He That Condemneth Not Himself
Harden Not Your Hearts, As In The Provocation
Have You Chosen The Way Of Truth?
Have You Fully Dedicated Yourself to the Lord?
Having a Good Name
Having A Prize Fighter's Mentality
Having An Eternal Focus
Having Forethought So You Are Not Unprepared
Having No Guide, Overseer, Or Ruler
Having The Mindset Of A Servant
"He Must Increase"
He That Covereth A Transgression
He That Handleth A Matter Wisely
He That Is Least In The Kingdom
He That Overcometh
He That Walketh in Darkness Knoweth Not Whither he Goeth
He Was Carried Away
Here Am I; Send Me (Isaiah 6:8)
Here We Have No Continuing City
Herodias Had A Quarrel Against Him
Honesty in Spiritual Self-Examination 
Honor To Everyone
How Close To The Edge Of The Narrow Way Are You?
How Do You Receive the Teaching and Preaching of the Gospel?
How Little Can I Do Lord?
How Much More Do You Expect God to Give You?
How Readest Thou?
How To Obtain Happiness
I Did It, But Felt Bad Afterwards
I Have Heard Thy Speech And Was Afraid
I Told You So
I Would Believe in God If...
Idols According To Their Own Understanding
If All You're Living For Is In This Life
“If Any Man Among You Seem To Be Religious”
If I Love Truth, I Will Hate Lying
f That Were Preached From The Pulpit...
If We Let Him Thus Alone, All Men Will Believe On Him  
If We Love Good And Hate Evil
If You Are Wise In This World
If You Don't Know What You're Talking About
If You Live As Though You're Dying
In The Multitude Of Counselors There Is Safety
In The Multitude Of My Thoughts…
Is Eternal Life Enough For You?
Is It Lawful To Make Future Plans?
Is That Speaking as the Oracles of God?
Is Thine Eye Evil?
Isn't Heaven Enough?
It Is Wise To Prepare
It Gets Easier
It Profiteth Little To Nothing
It's Not About You
It's Time to Remodel Your Spiritual Life
It's That Time (New Year's Eve) to Change, Right?      
Jesus Provides A Different Type Of Hope Than What People Want
Jesus Stood For You It's Time For You to Stand For Him
Judging Our Brethren By Our Own Personal Standards 
Just Because Someone Says...
Keeping Our Homes Free Of Problems <Follow-up Class On This Subject
Know Thyself
LGBT Movement
Lead Them Out Or Let Them Alone?
Leadership In The Local Church
Learn From The Mistakes Of Others
Learning From The Temptation of Christ
Learning To Live It
Learning Without Application Is Useless
Lessons From a Leper and a Prophet
Let All Bitterness, Wrath
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Let The Peace Of God Rule In Your Hearts
Let us Not Be Weary in Well Doing
Let Your Spirit Be Stirred
Live Like You're Dying
Living Above Reproach
Living Soberly, Righteously, and Godly
Living Up To Expectations
Loaded With Daily Benefits
Looking At The Carnal To See The Spiritual
Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself
Lord's Definition Of A Believer 
Man Was Not Made For The Sabbath
Many Good Works Doesn't Equal A Greater Reward
Mark The Perfect Man
Matthew 18:15 - More To Consider
Measuring Yourself By Others Is A Transgression     
More Than Conquerors
More Than Your Presence Is Required
Most Things In This Life Are Temporary
Muzzling the Preacher
My Heart Standeth In Awe Of Thy Word
My People Are Destroyed For  Lack of Knowledge (Hosea 4:6)
Nature As A Teacher
Need For Social Interaction Amongst Brethren
"Neither Were Thankful"
New Man
Never Move Into Maybeville
Nice Or Not So Nice?
No Sir, I Am Not In The Military
Nobody Is Perfect    
Not Abusing Our Right Of Free Speech
Not As Though I Had Already Attained
Not Being A Defeatist
Not Being Overly Dependent On Others
Not Falling Away In Our Later Years
Not Purloining
Now The Days Of David Drew Nigh That He Should Die
O Praise The Lord
On The Treadmill.
One Hope
Our Actions Have To Support Our Words
Our Loving Father Shows Us How To Love
Our Mouths Can Be Death Traps
Our Prayers To Our Father  
Our Responsibility Toward The Future
Our Toolbox During Times Of Adversity
Overanalyzing Others
Overbearing Conscience       
Parable Of The Laborers In The Vineyard
Parable Of The Leaven
Parables Of The Lost Sheep and Coin
Parable Of The Marriage Feast
Parable Of The Pharisee And Publican
Parable Of The Talents
Parable Of The Two Sons
Parable Of The Unjust Steward
Parable Of The Wheat And Tares
Parable Of The Wicked Husbandman
Partakers Of The Inheritance
Paying Attention to What God Says
Peace Through Thanksgiving
People Do Not Always Hear What Is Said
Plain Teaching So That the Hearer Will Fear
Pointing Your Mind In The Right Direction
Political Correctness OR I Peter 4:11
Pride and Popularity Have a Cost
Properly Looking At Others
Proverbs 17:24
Proverbs 29:27
Providence: You are Not God's Robot     
Progressiveness Of Sin       
Proper Attire For Worship
Provoke One Another
Putting on Christ and Wearing Him Everywhere
Putting on the Devil and Wearing Him Everywhere
Putting on the Armor of God
Quitters Won't Win
Ready To Step Up
Reality Check
Rebuilding Those Whom Have Been Corrected
Redeeming The Time
Repentance Needs To Be Seen, Not Just Heard
Receiving Correction And Moving Forward
Ready, But Not Hurrying To Answer
Reprove Not A Scorner
Righteous Thoughts Lead To Righteous Actions
Rightly Divide Rather Than Self-Justify
Scriptures Can Be Dangerous
See Others
See Yourself
Setting the Course in Peace Unaware of the Storms Ahead
So Soon Removed
Some Biblical Terminology Describing Who We Are
Some Examples To Remember 
Some Just "Laugh it Off"
Some Lessons I Often Repeat
Some Reactions Are Puzzling
Some Things About Christians People Like To Ignore
Some Things We Should Always Do As Christians
Some Things We Should Never Do As Christians
Some Thoughts on Love
Someone Else's Sins Does Not Justify Yours
Sometimes There Is A Wiser Decision
Sometimes Well-Meaning Brethren Don’t Understand
Soul Winners
Sound Speech That Cannot Be Condemned
Speak Every Man Truth With His Neighbor
Spiritual Apathy
Spiritual Contrasts to Secular Things         
Spiritual Warfare      
Straining Out Gnats While Swallowing Camels
Submitting To One Another In The Fear Of God         
Such Were Some Of You
Superficial Faith
Sweet Then Bitter
Take Time For Leisure
Teaching Is About Saving Souls, Not Getting Someone  
Tear Off The Roof If You Have To
"That Ye Sorrow Not"
That Ye Would Walk Worthy Of God
The Battle Between The Flesh & Spirit
The Bank Of Heaven
The Cost For Rejecting God's Revealed Word
The Devils Are More Obedient
The Feast Of Wisdom
The Fight Is Not Over
The Flesh Might Fail, But…
"The Hand Of Him That Betrayeth Is With Me On The Table"
The House Of Stephanas
The Integrity Of The Upright Shall Guide Them
The Judgment That Comes Upon Teachers
The Perfect, Tried, And Safe Way
The Right Attitude For Perfect People
The Secret To Having It All
The Sky is Falling        
Two Sides Of Saints (The Softer Side) ~~ (The Harder Side)
The Vail Upon Their Heart
The Weapons Of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal
Then Understood They
These Things Will Choke The Word
They Cried With A Loud Voice Unto God
They Did Not Confess Him
They Don't Understand The Value Of A Soul
They Have Gone In The Way Of Cain
The Law Of God Is In The Heart Of The Righteous
They Profess to Know God... Titus 1:16
They Walked No More With Him
The Water Doesn't Change You!
There Is Often More To It
They Falsely Trusted In A Place
Things Christians Do Without Thinking First...          
Things That Can Bring Down This House
Things We Should Know and Be Able to Explain (Part 1) - The Old / New Testament
Think It Not Strange
Think Not to Say Within Yourselves       
Think On These Things
Think This Again
This Message Made His Knees Knock
This People Draw Near Me With Their Mouth
“Thou Art Beside Thyself”
Thou Shalt Not Follow A Multitude To Do Evil
Three Days Without Jesus
Thoughts About Preaching
To Be In One’s Right Mind
To Live is Christ To Die is Gain
To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice
Traditions of Men Die Hard          
True Repentance
Truly My Soul Waiteth
Turning a Blind Eye   
Two Are Better Than One
Uncertain Sounds                       
Uncompromising Peacemakers
Understanding Prayer
Undercover Brother (The Not So Obvious Ones)
Unto The Pure
Using Proper Judgment
Using The Knowledge You Have Obtained
Vet The Information
Walk In Wisdom Toward Them That Are Without
Walking Like Enoch And Noah
Walking Too Far Away To Come Back
We Are Accounted As Sheep For The Slaughter
We Are Not Catching Flies
Was Autonomy Broken in Acts Chapter Fifteen?
We Cannot Be More Or Less Forgiving Than God
We Cannot Lower God's Standard
We Don't Use "Politically Correct" Terminology
We Have A Lot To Be Happy About
We Should Be Faithful Too
We Should Be Motivated To Serve God, Not Forced To
We Shouldn't Be Inconsiderate People
We Should Not Need A Day Of Year
We Then That Are Strong Ought To
Were Or Are?
We're Not All Five Talent People
What About Me? Instead Of, What About You?
What About Gossip, Backbiting, And Being Busybodies?
What Are You Saying if You Don't Like the Truth?
What Defines You?
What Do You Expect From Sinners?
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
What If The Hedge Comes Down?
What Spiritual Diet Are You On?
What if the Preacher (lesson on Hypocrisy).....
What Price Is Paid For You To Get What You Want?
What Some Will Do To Get What They Want   
What To Pursue To Keep God’s Eyes…
When People Leave the Church They are Leaving the Lord
When People Look At You, What Do They See?
When Proper Application Of God's Word There Are No Conflicts
When We're For Peace But They're For War
When You Can't Hold It In Anymore
When You Come Through It Stronger
When You Say (BLANK), I Hear (BLANK) 
Where Is Our Peace?
Wherewith Shall I Come Before The Lord?
Whose Mind Is Stayed On Thee
Whosoever Believeth On Him Shall Not Be Ashamed
Why Cry About It When You Reap What You've Sown?
Why Did God Create Pain and Suffering?
Why Do I__________?
Why Doesn't The Lesson Stick?
Why Don't Christians Drink Alcohol (Class Handout)
Willing To Receive Correction
With Balance, Take Some Time
With Ignominy Reproach
With Purpose Of Heart
With What Judgment Ye Judge, Ye Shall Be Judged
With Whom May We Have Fellowship
Why Were Gaius And Demetrius Right?
Woe To Him That Is Alone
Worldly People See It Differently
Works of the Flesh
Written Communication Is Inferior To Face To Face
Ye Have Wearied The Lord With Your Words
“Ye Know Not What Manner Of Spirit Ye Are Of”
Yet Thou Hast Not Know Me           
You Are Not Alone...
You Are Not Your Own Measuring Stick
You Can Want Something Without Coveting It 
You Cannot Get This Until You Get That
You Have To Be Able To Smile 
You Must Be More Than Just A Member Of The Church
You Should Know How To Possess Your Vessel
You've Got To Get Your Head Up
You've Got To Put It Behind You
Your Perception Matters
You're Here For More Than A Sermon
Zealously Affected Always in a Good Thing