Another Outline from Brian A. Yeager

How Little Can I Do Lord?

A. We live in a time where people want to know how little they can do to please the Lord.  They ask: “what’s the least Jesus will accept?”
1. No less than all: Luke 9:23
2. We sing “I Am Thine Oh Lord…”:  John 12:26
B. When Jesus says follow me, we should not ask how far or how long (i.e. but, does that include Sunday night):
1. Peter and Andrew: Matthew 4:18-20
2. James and John: Matthew 4:21-22; Luke 5:11
3. Matthew: Matthew 9:9; Luke 5:28
4. Luke 9:57-62
C. Why deny the work and expect the reward?
1. I Corinthians 3:8
2. Notice the costs and the reward: Luke 18:28-30
I. Consider the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30); Don’t Just Bury to do as Little As Possible
A. Each was given an amount to work with based upon their abilities (Matthew 25:15).
B. The Five Talent Man:
1. Shows this man had great abilities and His Lord trusted him.  The more we have given the more that is expected of us (Luke 12:47-48).
2. He doubled the amount (Matthew 25:16).
3. The Lord rewarded him because he followed the instructions given and worked (Matthew 25:20-21).
C. The Two Talent Man:
1. He too doubled his amount (Matthew 25:17).
2. The Lord rewarded him because he followed the instructions given and worked (Matthew 25:22-23).
D. The One Talent Man:
1. He hid the talent given to him as do many brethren today (Matthew 25:18).
2. The Lord punished him for his disobedience (Matthew 25:24-30).
a. Notice how the Lord spent more emphasis on the judgment of the unfaithful one than that of the reward of the faithful.
b. Brethren need to realize that pew warming is the same as hiding a talent in the dirt!
II. Consider the Parable of the Unprofitable Servant (Luke 17:5-10) – Opposing the How Little Attitude
A. The servant is expected to work even at evening time (v. 7-8):
1. Matthew 24:44-50
2. Galatians 6:7
3. Did Paul expect that break many of us do (Acts 14:19-21)?
4. What if Jesus said “that’s enough for today while on the cross?”
B. Doing what is commanded is far from enough: (v. 9-10)
1. Matthew 5:41
2. Ephesians 3:8
3. We are to be faithful until death (Revelation 2:10).
III. What of That ‘Little as I Can Attitude’?
A. For the faithful, since this does not please the Lord, how can we accept it?
1. I Corinthians 10:21
2. II Corinthians 6:14
B. The little as I can attitude of today is shown in those who want to attend a little, so that they can:
1. Sing a little, neglecting to do what is a good thing: Psalms 92:1
2. Pray a little, and fail to take advantage of a privilege: Proverbs 15:29
3. Give a little: II Corinthians 9:6
4. Reflect and partake a little: I Corinthians 11:28
5. Listen a little: Acts 28:27
A. God is please with a little, only if it is all we have to give: Mark 12:41-44
B. How little can you do????
1. Matthew 22:37: “…all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”
2. As little as all of your life: Matthew 10:39
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