Words Of Truth

"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).

December 2016 Questions & Answers

The following questions are taken from emails and are printed below exactly as I received them.  Names and contact information has been removed.  The answers are in note form (sorry for any of my grammar errors) to be studied through.  You’ll have to examine each Scripture below to see the points.  Please be mindful that there are often circumstances and details to every question that could potentially change the answer.  Rightly divide the truth (II Timothy 2:15).

1. “Is Hebrews 2:7 discussing Jesus?”

2. “Can we eat pork?”

3. “i am a preacher graduated from beaver valley bible institute of Denver extension with degree in biblical studies,currently taking masters in the same school,we have a church training for preachers. why do some think like you that we can’t have a kitchen and serve hospitality to brothers?”

4. “Jesus said that we love one another as he loved us. How do you feel about these teachings on love?”

5. “Why does God allow bad things to happen? Many Christians feel secure in their faith until something bad happens; then this question becomes painfully relevant. Why do cancer, famine, war, and murder occur? How does an all-powerful and all-loving God allows extraordinary amounts of pain, hurt, and evil to exist. What should I say to this question? Why does God allow bad things to happen?”

6. “What does it mean to be meek?”


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