Exposing The Wolves

"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).

Exposing The Wolves | Bible Study Materials

99% Right Is Still Wrong

A Name Doesn’t Mean A Brother
Accidentally “Conservative”
An Exercise To Discern Both Good And Evil
An in Depth Look Into Pre-Millennialism, 1,000 year reign etc.
Antoine N. Holloway
Applying Matthew 18:15-17 Correctly
Are All People Equal?
Are Your Elders Really Qualified? - Not Likely
Being A Member Of The Church Of Christ Is Not Enough
Being Longsuffering & Militant
Being Opinionated Doesn't Mean You're Strong
Being Set For the Defense of the Gospel
Believing Something Doesn’t Make It A Fact
Beware Of Philosophy And…
Blank Check Of Generic Authority
Book Review of F. Lagard Smith's "Who Is My Brother"
Can Two Walk Together in Doctrinal Disagreement?
Catholic Church VS. The Truth
Character Qualities Of A Faithful Person
Civil Government Is Not The Standard Of Authority Over The Church
Cliques In The Local Congregation

Discerning Truth Versus Tradition
Denominational Baptism - Is it Valid?
Divide From the Inside
Do You Need Leverage In Evangelism?
Does Love Mean We Need to Tolerate Error?
Do Not Help Satan Change God's Word
Does God Approve of the SOCIAL GOSPEL?
Evangelistic Oversight Is Not The Answer
Even They Both Are An Abomination
Examine More Than Just The Worship Service
False Conclusion Drawn From Teaching In The Synagogue
God Hates Every False Way
"Grandfather Clause"- Article
Homosexuality in Denominations
How Does God Feel About Idols?
How Does That Camel Taste?
If You Just Pluck Verses Out Of Context
Ignoring Sin Will Not Cause it to Go Away
Liberalism's "Umbrella of Grace"
Let's Not Drop Our Guard
Looking For Answers In The Wrong Places
Muzzling The Preacher
NIV - New International Version (Erring Bible Version)
One Easily Persuaded Believes Everything
People Have Long Wished The Truth Would Go Away
Peter and Paul - Did They Have Two Gospels?
Purging Leaven
Rebellion And Stubbornness
Rebuking the Winds of Change
Salvation By Grace Alone Is Error
Some Never Believed
Some People Are Unteachable
Some Things That Didn’t Happen On The Cross (Lesson Exposing Calvinism)
Take Heed What Ye Hear
The Gravity Of Sinning Against A Fellow Saint
The Hand Of Him That Betrayeth…
The Language Of Unity In Diversity
The Law Is Good If A Man Use It Lawfully
The Message Has Not Changed - Mormonism Exposed
The Message John Lost His Head Over
The Pope Is Coming To Town
The Sinner That Caused Sin In Israel
Their Weaponry Is Carnal
There Are Certain Men Crept In Unawares
They May Say It, But They Don’t Believe It
They (We) Are Not Sound Because Most Things Are Right
Those Blind VS. Those Blinded
o Go To The Right Is Departing
Voices Of The Past Can Prevent Going Forward
Was Autonomy Broken In Acts 15
We Are NOT All The Same
What Is Different About The Church of Christ?
What Side Are You On? (Christ or Slacker)
Handout / Answers / Audio
What Side Are You On? (Truth or Error)
Handout / Answers / Audio
What Side Are You On? (Truth or Tradition) Handout / Answers / Audio
When He Speaketh Fair, Believe Him Not (Audio Link For This Sermon)
Why Was Diotrephes Wrong?
With Whom May We Have Fellowship?
You Cannot Overthrow the Truth!

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