2021 Sermons Preached by Brian A. Yeager

01/03/2021: Remember His Marvelous Works
01/10/2021: In The Multitude Of My Thoughts…
Balanced Comfort
We Are Accounted As Sheep For The Slaughter
Speak Every Man Truth With His Neighbor
The Gospel Is Not Bound
“My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee”
Beware Of Philosophy And…
The Foundation Of God Standeth Sure
Because Iniquity Shall Abound…
What Is God’s View Of The LGBTQ+ Movement?
Don’t Unnecessarily Add Distractions To Your Life
03/28/2021: No Audio Sermon For This Week
He That Covereth A Transgression
Ye Have Wearied The Lord With Your Words
A Balanced Handling Of Knowledge
For They Are The Rejoicing Of My Heart
Happy Is He That Condemneth Not Himself

NOTE: * The congregation here in El Paso has decided that THIS congregation is better benefited by extending our class discussion periods and shortening the length of sermons. We still have periods of both teaching and preaching every first day of the week (Acts 15:35; 20:7). The
focus however, has changed to discussing the Scriptures. When Paul was talking to the elders in Ephesus he said: “And how I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have shewed you, and have taught you publickly, and from house to house…” (Acts 20:20). The term translated “taught” means: “To teach (in the same broad application): — teach. To teach; to hold discourse with others in order to instruct them, deliver didactic discourses; to be a teacher; to discharge the office of a teacher, conduct one's self as a teacher; to teach one, to impart instruction, instill doctrine into one, the thing taught or enjoined, to explain or expound a thing, to teach one something” (Strong’s # 1321). Discussion adds so much to our learning here in El Paso as a congregation. As a result, the sermons here have been a summary of things we have studied that particular first day of the week. They really are not beneficial for those who have not sat through the discussions we have had. So, for the time being, there will be no more weekly sermons added. From time to time, I may preach a sermon for some reason. You will be able to see if that happens by following the recent updates to this website that can be found here: Recent Webpage Updates