You Can Want Something Without Coveting It

Outline By: Brian A. Yeager



I. Introduction:

A. Covetousness [StrongÕs # 4124; Ògreedy desire to have moreÓ; cf. Ephesians 4:17-19 {greediness}] should NOT exist amongst Christians (Ephesians 5:3-5).

1. The converted person does not covet (Colossians 3:1-6).

2. The wicked canÕt stop wanting and plotting to get what they want (Micah 2:1-2).

3. A covetous person will not be in Heaven (I Corinthians 6:9-10).

B. Covetousness is the opposite of contentment (Hebrews 13:5).

1. Godliness with contentment is great gain (I Timothy 6:6-10).

2. Sometimes enough is enough (Luke 3:12-14).


II. Body: A Christian should have the right perspective (Philippians 4:11-12).

A. We should be content if we have an abundance (Ecclesiastes 5:19).

1. You can be rich and enjoy your wealth, if you donÕt let it take you over (I Timothy 6:17; cf. Matthew 16:26).

a. Abraham was rich (Genesis 13:1-2).

b. However, his attitude was right (Hebrews 11:8-16).

2. Being a disciple of Christ [one who continues in His teaching; John 8:31] and being wealthy is not impossible (Matthew 27:57).

3. With much you can do much good (I John 3:17).

B. We should be content if we have little (Psalms 37:16 and Proverbs 16:8).

1. Poverty is not bad (James 2:5).

2. Wealth doesnÕt last or solve matters anyway (Proverbs 23:5-6).

C. Too little or too much can be a problem for people whose mind is NOT rightly placed (Proverbs 30:8-9).

1. The right mindset is that true wealth and poverty cannot be measured in worldly terms (Proverbs 8:1; 18-19; cf. Matthew 6:19-21).

2. For a faithful Christian, if we lose it all we have on earth weÕve lost nothing we care about (Hebrews 10:34).

D. You can enjoy things that you gain through your wages (Ecclesiastes 2:24).

1. ItÕs okay to enjoy things of this world (Ecclesiastes 3:9-13).

2. You can eat to be full (Deuteronomy 8:10) without being controlled by your appetite (Proverbs 23:1-3).

a. Enjoy things (Ecclesiastes 5:18).

b. DonÕt fall in love with them (Psalms 62:10 and I John 2:15-17).

E. Lacking satisfaction, having enough, is the problem (Ecclesiastes 5:10-11).

1. Those who want more lose themselves in the process (Proverbs 1:19).

2. You have to be full at some point (Ecclesiastes 6:7).

3. If you wonÕt be satisfied, more than spiritual problems (Proverbs 1:32) will arise (Proverbs 15:27).


III. Conclusion: Luke 12:13-15





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