The Secret To Having It All Is Believing You Do

Outline By: Brian A. Yeager



I. Introduction: *Title of this article comes from a quote I saw on a plaque.

A. Will greed bring you peace (Proverbs 15:27)?

1. It takes away the lives of the owners (Proverbs 1:19).

2. Riches can lead to hurt (Ecclesiastes 5:13).

3. Most of all, earthly treasures cause heart misplacement (Matthew 6:19-21).

B. How much would it take to make you happy? Would everything in the world do it for you (Mark 8:36)?

1. If you had everything in the world, what would you really have (I John 2:15-17).

2. Truth is, the wanter never has enough (Ecclesiastes 5:10-11 and Ecclesiastes 6:7).

II. Body: How Do You Look At Wealth (Psalms 49:1-20)?

A. Godliness with contentment is great gain (I Timothy 6:6-10).

1. Content with much or little (Philippians 4:10-13).

2. What is it allto you (Proverbs 13:7; cf. Hebrews 11:24-26)?

B. How you look at wealth is defined by you goals (Luke 12:13-21).

1. Is your life about what you own (Psalms 37:16 and Proverbs 15:16)?

2. If your goal is to get many things, whats to come of those things(Psalms 39:6 and Psalms 49:10)?

3. What good will thingsdo for you at the Judgment of God (Proverbs 11:4)?

4. On the other handa real payoff(I John 5:11-13).

C. Realize that, if youre a Christian and even had nothing in earthly belongings, you are very wealthy (Matthew 19:16-29).

1. You will always have what you NEED (Psalms 37:25 and Matthew 6:25-34; cf. Acts 11:27-30).

2. You can be confident you have things that cannot be taken from you (John 10:27-29 and Hebrews 13:5-6).

3. If you have godly wisdom, you have true revenue (Proverbs 8:12-19).

III. Conclusion: Dont be the person who thinks they have it all when they really have nothing (Revelation 3:17-19).


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