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Coming in June 2017… Some of the material below was written when I was repenting of the errors of "Institutionalism" myself. Over the years, I have grown through studying the Scriptures (II Peter 3:18). Thus, I have come to a greater understanding of the subjects covered below (and many other things too). To be clear, the articles and outlines below all contain the truth. I have not changed where I stand. However, I'd like to think I have come to a better way of helping others to learn about these errors. Thus, in June, I plan to update the studies below with newer material that is hopefully better written. I will also keep what is below for those of you that still find it beneficial. Check back in June for more things to consider.

Section 1 :
What is Institutionalism?

Section 2: What is at the Center of the  Division on Institutionalism?

Section 3: What is the work of the local church ?

Section 4: Why I Left Institutionalism (this article was written in the infancy of my departure [repentance] from Institutionalism)

Section 5: The liberal magazine (Contending for the Faith) marked me

Section 6: What about the institutions among the "Non-Institutional" faction?  

Section 7: The "Guardian of Truth Foundation" is just another "Non-Institutional" Institution FULL OF LIARS (I John 2:3-6)!

Section 8: The Florida College Church!