Below you will find a study of the terms within some of the songs Christians often sing in worship to God. There are three reasons this study is good.  The first, we must assure that all we say and do is in accordance with the will of God (
Colossians 3:17; cf. John 4:23-24).  Secondly, we must make sure that we understand what we are saying when we worship God in song (John 4:23-24 and I Corinthians 14:15).  Finally, we teach and admonish one another when we sing (Colossians 3:16), thus it is necessary to assure we are speaking those things which befit sound doctrine (Titus 2:1).  These questions and answers are the conclusions reached in a public study by the Sunrise Acres church of Christ in El Paso, TX.  

We encourage input from those who may find authority to sing something that we were unable to find.  However, we have decided not to sing those songs we cannot show to be right (
Ephesians 5:10 and Romans 14:23; cf. Romans 10:17).  We are not "the brotherhood's conscience", but share these studies to benefit all.  -   Brian A. Yeager  

A page of our conclusions on the songs listed below can be found here : Studied Conclusions


Some song books will vary in wording of the songs we've listed below.  Check your song books for variations that may change the outcome of our studied conclusions.

We have not continued this study as of 2012. That does not mean we will not in the future consider other songs here locally. At the present however, it is not our focus.

NOTE: The pages listed below have questions followed by a scanned copy of the song under study.  Many of the files listed below are in PDF.  You may have to download a PDF reader if you do not have one on your computer.  You can do so for free from this website: