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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 215 – Beauty From The Bottom Up Through Make Haste (Song of Solomon 7:1-8:14)

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1. Could it be said that Solomon perceived this woman to be beautiful from head to toe?








2. Did this woman realize SolomonÕs desire towards her?








3. Where did this woman want Solomon to go so that she could give her love to him?








4. Did this woman take time to have the entrance of her romantic getaway prepared for Solomon?








5. Is there some indication that this womanÕs relationship with Solomon was not favorable to everyone else?







6. Did this woman have a certain comfort level in regard to her mother?








7. When this woman did have Solomon to herself, did she want to avoid interruption?








8. Did this woman want to share Solomon?







9. Is love between a man and a woman something that is easy to quench?







10. Does a womanÕs breasts ever have anything to do with her attractiveness to a man?








11. Did Solomon have many vineyards?








12. How does the poetic, sexually charged, compilation of Song of Solomon conclude?











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