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Part 214 – The Spotless Woman Through She Is A Spectacle (Song of Solomon 4:1-6:13)

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1. Did Solomon perceive this woman to be flawless in regard to her physical appearance?








2. Did Solomon desire to spend time with this woman beyond the bedroom?








3. Could it be said that this woman had taken SolomonŐs heart?










4. What did Solomon liken this woman to in regard to how she smelled and tasted?











5. Did this woman mind that Solomon likened her unto a garden?











6. Did Solomon accept the invitation the woman gave him concerning her garden?









7. Was this woman happy when she could not be with Solomon?









8. Solomon saw flawless physical beauty in this woman, how did she look at him?









9. In this poetic song, does this woman appear to know where Solomon is though she had been previously lovesick over his absence?










10. Though Solomon acknowledges many lovers, is this woman special to him (and others)?










11. Was this woman (now called the Shulamite) a spectacle for others?












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