Reviewing Some Easier Scriptural Subjects


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1. Does the word of God teach that it is good to focus only on the milk OR meat of the word of God?





2. Is immersion in water all that is required for a person to become a Christian?





3. How many religious bodies [churches] exist with God’s authority?





4. What name or names are approved of God to identify the authorized church?





5. What spiritual law do we live under today?





6. What signs do you need to look for to know that Jesus is coming?





7. How long will Jesus reign on earth prior to the end of this planet?





8. What are authorized ways in which the church may spend the Lord’s money?





9. What New Testament Scriptures teach us to tithe today?





10. Using Scriptures, explain how you know that the “Bible” is the inspired word of God.





11. Does God know everything?





12. Does God want you to hate the sin or hate the sinner?





13. Does man have choices or does God make everything happen?





14. How much sin can you commit before your relationship with God is severed?





15. Is Jesus Christ just a man?





16. Does God forgive sin unconditionally?





17. Can we forgive sin unconditionally?





18. Can brethren “agree to disagree” over Scriptural matters?






19. Can a Christian fall away?





20. Can ungodly influences affect faithful Christians?





21. To what degree can we trust our own wisdom?





22. In what decisions do we need to look to the Scriptures for guidance and authority?





23. Are good intentions enough to save someone?





24. Do all people go straight to Heaven or Hell when they die?





25. Is it the work of the church, collectively, to provide social activities?





26. Whose work is it to help the fatherless and widows in their affliction? 





27. Can Christians judge each other?





28. When was or will the kingdom of Christ be established?





29. When did or will the last days begin?





30. What are the roles of authority starting with God down to children?





31. Is there any race of humanity that is superior to another?





32. How must a Christian view the drinking of alcoholic beverages?





33. What is supposed to be the first priority of a Christian?





34. Does Deuteronomy 24:1-4 apply today?





35. Will there be more or less people in Heaven than in Hell?





36. Can knowledge of the Scriptures become dangerous?





37. Where will pride get us?






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