September 2009 Q & A

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September 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “Brian: By your website I can see you are busy in God’s work. What should a congregation look for to see if the preacher or preachers they are supporting are doing what they should be doing with their time?”

2. “What does it mean to be dead to the world and alive to Christ?”

3. “Brian, in your sermon ‘From Whom Should We Take Counsel’ you talked several times about seeking advice from those individuals that know the word of God. What do you do when you simply are not around anyone who possesses knowledge of God’s truth? Most of the Christians I am around are fairly new in Christ and I have not learned as I should have in the past so we are all really babes. Please advise in the manner of that sermon from the word of God.”

4. “Brother Brian, Are there any dangers with dividing the congregation into edification groups?”

5. “What verses show us about choosing our words carefully when we speak?”

6. “Brian. At what point does sexual activity become fornication? Like does sexual activity require a certain point of contact like actual penetration of sexual parts?”

7. “Will someone go to hell for not being humble?”

8. “please tell me what is institutionalism?”

9. “Do we go preach at denominational church if invited?”

10. “What does using the Lord’s name in vain mean? Would saying “oh my God” qualify as using the Lord’s name in vain?”

11. “2 Chron. 7:14 in the bible says, If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their Land. How many prayers would have to be offered to get our country to be blessed by Jehovah?”

12. “Brian, if a marriage ends and both remain unmarried then one dies, can the one still living now marry another person and be okay?”

13. “Brother Brian, is there any biblical evidence that the Jews in the time of Jesus rejected even the old law? I have often heard it said that they did not even obey the old law, but I have never heard the evidence to support that saying. Thank you for answerin this.”

14. “At times I have heard people say amen during or after a sermon or prayer. Was amen used in the bible these ways? Also, do we have to pray in Jesus’s name?”

15. “Does Romans 16:16 necessarily cause you to have to greet a fellow Christian with a physical kiss?”

16. “Is there any evidence that we can find that Apollos was faithful after Acts 18?”