October 2009 Q & A

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October 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “what is a quick answer for those who claim that Jesus came in 70 AD to judge but will come again in the future?”

2. “Brian, did the levities as priests wear special garments when they ministered to the Lord and does that mean we should?”

3. “Brother Brian: I am a husband and a father that takes my roles seriously. In taking care of my family I have often pondered what types of investments I should make. Now I wonder if I should make any at all. The bible says we are to lay our treasures in store in Heaven so does that mean we should not have checking, savings, cd accounts, and other things like that?”

4. “Brian, we live in uncertain times. What can be said in lessons to help people realize that we should not stand in doubt of God and his promises?”

5. “Is a false teacher one who teaches false doctrine or one who is dishonest?”

6. “Brian – in the judgment day who is going to judge us. Will it be God, Jesus, Holy Ghost, angels, other Christians, all of the above or someone else?”

7. “Much has been argued about how many days or ages the earth took in creation. We all have heard about the arguments over this at Florida College. Does the Bible plainly say anything that clears up this debate?”

8. “Brother Yeager, I have heard you criticize the medical profession in sermons. I think you have some weird ways of being funny and I am not writing about your criticism of medicine. But I am curious if you believe we have the right to see doctors. Are your jokes just that or are you subtlety teaching that medicine is wrong?”

9. “Hello brother. I have a question concerning the collection taken on Sunday and the helping of needy brothers. What would qualify one as needy? Also what do people mean when they call us anti?”

10. “Jude said we should keep ourselves in the love of God. Does that mean we can have God not love us anymore? How is that possible when one considers John 3:16?”

11. “true or false. We can pray for knowledge and increase of our faith.”

12. “Mister Yeager. Recently I heard you talk about ‘adhering strictly to God’s word’ in a sermon. Is that really possible with all of the different interpretations people have with the bible?”

13. “What is a good way to explain what a Christian is?”

14. “Brother Brian, are there any good scriptures to show that christians should not start problems with people.”

15. “can you give a scripture that shows us angels can sin?”

16. “would you explain please how one can have fellowship in the sufferings of Christ?what does that even mean?”