November 2009 Q & A

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November 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “What text in the Bible shows that there should not be classes of people in the church based on financial privileges and things such as that?”

2. “Is it a sin to name a child Jesus?”

3. “Brian: if God is not interacting in a personal manner with Christians today how do we find comfort in horrible times? Also, should we try to have a sense of humor at times?”

4. “Dear sir. How do we balance being kind to our neighbor with not having friendship with worldly things? If I do not go to my neighbors block party they think I am acting like I am better than they are. If I do go I am faced with drunkenness and other things I do not want to be around. Thank you in advance for the answer.”

5. “Jesus is recorded as having given hundreds of instructions covering behavior and thought; but none of these dealt with homosexuality. Jesus concentrated on a person's interactions with God and his fellow humans. Jesus may have felt that homosexuality was not a matter worth commenting upon. So if we speak where the Bible speaks shouldn’t Christians remain silent on the matter?”

6. “Brian, I have a question concerning giving. What do I do if I am going to be traveling but want to support the work of the Lord at home?”

7. “Where do aborted babies, deceased children, etc., go in the end?”

8. “Brother Yeager – Are people lost when they sin or are they given a period of time before God considers them lost?”

9. “Does the sin of Judas show that for some people there is no such thing as free choice? Please consider Luke 22:3 in your answer.”

10. “According to Hebrews 4:15, Jesus was tempted. How could he be tempted if he was God in human flesh?”

11. "What does the Bible mean when it says, The fool says in his heart, There is no God? Does God really look at people and consider them foolish if they have yet to reach a point of faith?"

12. “Are there any prophesies in the Bible that show the Holocaust and the Great Tribulation are the same thing to shut up the mouths of Holocaust deniers?”

13. “Why is there so much anger between Christians and Muslims? Shouldn’t we be able to live in peace with each other?”