May 2009 Q & A

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May 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “Do you find that we in the church often strain at gnats too much? What I mean is, doesn’t Jesus command us not to work on the small stuff so much?”

2. “Dear brother – Is forgiveness a conscious choice? Do I have to forgive someone who has come to sin against me?”

3. “What were the names of the three wise men that came to see Jesus at birth”?

4. “Brian, when studying the Scriptures I have come to see the Jews differently than most people think about them. Am I wrong, or were the Jews mostly wrong in the days of Jesus?”

5. “Mr. Brian, we have had several lessons on sin at the Church I am part of. In these lessons things have somewhat become unclear concerning sin to me. Let me ask you does Rom. 5:18 show us that all men are condemned sinners because of what Adam did?”

6. “Thank you for this forum for bible study. I am a Christian, but I have to admit that of late I have questioned my faith. If the bible is the only book that shows there is a god and god is the theme of the bible, how can we trust the bible? I mean of course the bible is going to say there is a god. That’s the point of the bible. If I wrote a book trying to convince someone there is a talking dog I would write it with that slant. Help me with a good answer, not from the Bible.”

7. “Dear words OF truth, are we saved at the moment we confess Jesus?”

8. “Brian Yeager, could you help us in the understanding of this passage – I Thessalonians 3:10-11. Does God direct us to those we need to teach?”

9. “Are ministers permited by God to be married based on biblical teachings?”

10. “Good morning, I have a question about angels. Can angels sin? Thank you for the time it will take to answer these questions in advance.”

11. “Was Paul the Apostle ever stoned?”

12. “If instrumental music is wrong today, why do we read about it in the Old Testament?”

13. “Should Christians take a stand against government waste by refusing to pay taxes? Taxes are against the constitution anyway.”

14. “Brian: you have material on your webpages that teach about fearing God. Don’t you realize that God is love and does not want us to fear him? We would never have the relationship with God we should have if we fear him.”

15. “where at in the bible do we find out that Jesus is the head of the church?”