March 2009 Q & A

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March 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “Dear Brotherern, why will God judge those who the devil has blinded from seeing the truth? My mother has been blinded by the devil, but she is not a bad person. Why will God judge her?”

2. “Sirs, if Calvinism is so wrong why have some of the world’s best know scholars accept what John Calvin has taught? John Calvin was a prophet sent to this ungodly desert of a world by the Lord God of hosts. What he has said is the word of God.”

3. “Brian, should we light candles when we pray to God?”

4. “In the qualifications of elders are children required just to be faithful to their parents?”

5. “Does the Bible mention anything about gambling? I know that we should not be just out wasting our earned finances, but what if I know for sure I can win on a bet? Wouldn’t that be more of an investment than a risk? Thank you in advance for the answer. Please use the scriptures in the answer.”

6. “Dear Mr. Yeager. How many people will be saved in the secret Rapture? How long will there be inbetween the secret Rapture and the End of Times?”

7. “From my understanding, man was formed as a god in the beginning. Then sin entered into this world and man was given flesh to cover his soul. Is this right?”

8. “Dear Brian, I have a mother in law who is overwhelming, always sticking her nose in our business, meddling with our affairs, and causing my wife and me to fight. Part of the problem is that she is also a christian. To add to that, my father in law is an elder in the congregation. She always meddles in the congregations business too. I have talked with her as family and as a sister in the Lord. She thinks it is her place to make sure her daughter is fine. But she does not care about this being my family. What more can I do?”

9. “Brian I had a discussion with a mormon elder. As we studied the subject of baptism for the dead came up from 1 Cor. 15:29. I had never heard of that and was not aware that we should be baptized for someone who has died. Am I missing the meaning or should we be baptized for the lost who are dead?”

10. “Recently I found myself pondering a question that was asked for me to answer. I did my best, but my own answer confused me. So, help me out. How would you explain what inspiration is? Thank you for your help.”

11. “Mr. Yeager: I have been married twice. Both of my husbands passed away and I have never been an adulterous. One thing I have been puzzled about is what it will be like in heaven. Will either of the men I married be know as my husband? Will it even matter?”

12. “I have read on your website you articles on what you call liberalism. One thing you seem to miss is that if any single Christian or group of Christians can do something then the church can too. What I mean is this – one Christian or a group of Christians can send money to an orphans home. The church is the people so the church can also do the same. So, what do you have to say about that?”

13. “Brother Brian, when most people talk about Jesus they paint a picture like he was just the lamb. What does the Bible show about the lion side of Jesus?”

14. “Brian; I grew up in the Church of Christ. I feel like I pretty much know what we believe. When I visit your website I often see things I haven’t heard from Church of Christ preachers in the past. One example is an article you wrote saying there are more than five steps to salvation. My question is simple, shouldn’t you know what the church believes on things and just stick to preaching on that?”

15. “Howdy my brethren there are Sunrise Acres. Love the work you guys do and the courage to speak the truth. Here’s the q. Should we allow unfaithful Christians to take the Lord’s Supper? This is a debated issue where I attend. Thanks.”

16. “Brother Brian, where in the bible do we find out how who exactly was on the ark that Noah built? Thank you for the answer.”

17. “I appreciate your questions forum and the answer given. I am wondering if you can help me with a puzzling question that has perplexed me for some time. When traveling or sick, should I still be concerned about giving where I am a member? Also, what do I do if I am paid bi-weekly?”

18. “My wife and I both work for the government. Recently we have had our faithfulness to the Lord questioned since the president and local governments we work for are ungodly. Are we sinning?”

19. “Brian A. Yeager, would you spend some time in your question series this month defining whether or not laziness is sinful?”

20. “I have read through the Bible many times and have found that goodly men have had many wives. Abraham, David, Solomon and such have been married to many. Why do Christians today frown on polygamy?”

21. “Over the years I have seen members of the Lord's church displaying emblems such as the "cross" and the "fish symbol" in many different ways such as using it in clip art in church bulletins, incorporated in the cover of their bible, etc. Do you feel the bible teaches that this practice is a form of a graven image or idolatry? Some that defend such a practice say that it's simply a symbol that indicates that they are a Christian, and they are by no means worshiping the symbol. Thanks for your input”.