June 2009 Q & A

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June 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “Mr. Yeager are there any verses of God’s word which informs us what we are to do when we are verbally attacked by someone?”

2. “According to God/ is rape the worse sexual sin?”

3. “Did the old prophets know everything about Jesus and just didn’t reveal it?”

4. “When is the appropriate times to applause during worship?”

5. “Yeager, If Jesus took our sins away on the cross why do we have to confess them today?”

6. “Dear Brian: should we pray to the saints of God or to angels?”

7. “Brother Yeager, I was in a discussion with a woman about Jesus’s miracle in Canaan where he turned water into wine. I have to admit I never really considered reading the text. So we did that together. As we read I was shocked to see that the Bible says he made water into wine. I also heard he made grape juice, but it does not say that. I use the New King James Bible. So what version says grape juice and which translation is correct?”

8. “Brian, What is the normal fee for preachers preaching funerals? Where is the authority for preachers to charge a fee for this?”

9. “Brian, you are known as a conservative preacher that will tackle questions others won’t. I appreciate that. Several in our congregation have talked about your website. It is a great study too. To my question. With your knowledge of truth and parenting, how would you suggest parents today can keep children safe with technology such as the internet, text messages, and such things?”

10. “Question, does the Truth Magazine Lectures fall under evangelism (Matt. 28:19)?”

11. “What Holy Days or Holidays does God require christians to keep under Jesus’s Testament?”


13. “Brian: I’ve noticed that the church in El Paso does a lot of studying from the Old Testament. You have current class material from the Old Testament and you have many references in your writings recent and past and as well you have many Old Testament in your sermons. Should Christians be studying from the Old Testament when you yourself have said we were never under the old law?”

14. “Brother, I have been frustrated many times by hearing people talk about love and loving people when using love to not really teach anything. Can anyone really say that they love someone when they do not teach them against the sins they are doing?”

15. “A Pastor recently said that Judas partied with most of the money he got for betraying Jesus and that in a drunken rage he hung himself. Is this true?”

16. “Brian, much debate has occurred over the work of the church. Related to this is a debate over what is discussed in a particular verse. Do you believe first timothy chapter three verse fifteen is about the universal or local church?”