July 2009 Q & A

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July 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “Bro Yeager. Hello from the west coast. We often hear lessons about false teachers but rarely see them being marked. Is it wrong to name names publically?”

2. “Sir, can you believe how sinful our nation’s leaders are? As disciples of the Lord, what should we expect out of our country’s leadership? I live in South Carolina where our Governor Mark Sanford committed adultery last month. This is why I am asking.”

3. “What about supporting a man who is a realtor, but wants to spend time in written debates? Should churches send him financial support? He says if he has a good commission month in sales he won’t need as much as other times.”

This email was referenced in the audio sermon at this point:
From: "Bart Masiero"
Date: July 3, 2009 12:35:17 PM MDT
To: "Bart Masiero"
Subject: Debate opportunity

Dear Brethren:
I hope you are all doing well. As I’m sure you know (and hopefully recognize my name and email address), I was involved a good part of last year in offering a critique toward the false teaching of Thomas Ross, a Baptist, with the subject being (and him saying) that baptism is not unto the remission of sins. I had originally challenged him to a written debate, to which he would not agree, but he said I could critique his forthcoming book and he would possibly respond if he could find the time. I have attached the first five articles of that critique to this message (these are the same ones I sent out over a year ago). I haven’t been able to focus on completion of this work (I only got through the first 25 pages of his 90 page book -- the last article being sent out this past November) due to the present necessity of my work -- but I do have every intention of taking up where I left off when I am once again in a position to self-finance the project.
I wanted to bring up another possible opportunity for written debate, one which involves my wife Jennifer’s family. Sometime last month her sister called and asked if we would attend the baptism of her six year old son who was to be baptized into the Baptist church. Jennifer told her we could not do that because we did not agree with what they taught about the salvation process. This should not have come as a surprise to her because she had asked us last summer to assist in keeping her son while she was involved with a foreign mission work, and which it was made clear to her at the time that we could not even do that, since it would involve “support” for this work with which we did not agree. I have considered (even before this) challenging their “pastor” to a debate, but with this most recent episode, the need has become even more apparent.
Thus, this letter is a request for the financial support of the brethren toward that same end. My main line of work is in the field of real estate, and as most everyone has been hearing from the reports in the media over the past year, this type of work has “dried-up” in many ways over the last 18 months or so. Fortunately, I have recently acquired a part-time position (for which I am first of all thankful to God) which will assist and provide a steady income stream toward the support of my family. To be involved in debate, however, and to do so in a responsible manner will require my focus toward the subject at hand and within the limited timeframe previously set forth in the parameters of the debate. Without the financial assistance of the brethren, I will need to be very aggressive in marketing myself as a Realtor, pursue all opportunities which come my way as a result, and this in addition to my 25 hour / week part-time position. Of course, the effect of all this work will end up compromising my Bible study time and, by extension, a more effective presentation of the Truth.  
As far as the time frame of the debate, after my initial contact and request (and assuming we come to an agreement and are able to proceed), it may be 3 or 4 months before we ever even get started. Of course, this intervening period would be preparation time with the debate to be commenced in the following weeks. So I’m guessing the time period for this support will probably be somewhere between 4 and 6 months. My needs could be ranged anywhere between $1500 and $2000 per month.  Of course, I would not have any expectation of funds until after an agreement had been secured, and the same if the debate were to conclude before the six month period of time – i.e., no expectation of any remaining funds.
I would like to make mention of one other aspect pertaining to this support. Even with a 25 hour per week position, I would still be able to list several houses for sale and have the necessary time to fulfill my responsibilities toward the debate. This is because with listings, after the initial leg work is done, there is not a lot of time intensive work required before the house (hopefully) goes under contract. If the house goes under contract, sometimes there is some time intensive work to be done and sometimes there is not. If the work were to become too much, my company has a transaction support group I can avail myself of for a fee, who will take responsibility for the closing, thereby freeing me up to focus on my primary responsibilities of the debate. And the same goes with some buyers, each case will need to be judged according the needs of the individual buyer.
All of this is to say that if I were to receive a commission from the sale of a house during the debate, I may not even need support for that or the following month. Perhaps it would work something like this --I could send an email to the support group which says “all I need next month is 75%”; or, if it’s a better commission check to cover my expenses entirely: “I don’t need support for the following period of time (month, six weeks, etc.)”.
I know finances are tight for many folks these days, but no gift is too small and every little bit adds up (as the saying goes). Thank you for your time and prayerful consideration. I can be reached at

Bart Masiero”

4. “Brother Bryan, Our preacher believes that it is not his duty to visit the sick and shut in members of our church. What bible verses can be used to show him that this is a duty expected to be done by gospel ministers? When we asked him to work for the congregation we told him that this was his expected duty among other things. I feel he has breeched our verbal contract and should be realesed. Thanks in advance for answering my question.”

5. “Does God expect us to understand the Bible?”

6. “Why don’t we know more about Jesus’s childhood?”

7. “Brother Yeager: At what point did incest become wrong?”

8. “Brian, When teaching Ax 2:38 do you teach that the gift of the Holy Ghost is salvation? The reason I am asking is simple, I think we have to look at verse 40 and understand that salvation is the underlying base of 2:38 but I cannot find another passage that says the Holy Ghost offers salvation.”

9. “mr., the scripture says When a man takes a wife and marries her, if then she finds no favor in his eyes because he has found some indecency in her, and he writes her a certificate of divorce and puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house, and she departs out of his house.
Why do you teach something different?”

10. “Do you think that it is morally right for The Boy Scouts of America to exclude gay children?”

11.”Brother brian. We are supposed to study and search things to see if they are right. Does this mean that God allows us to doubt? Can we know for sure what is pleasing to God?”

12. “If you really believe that when one sins they fall away have you ever sinned then what does that mean about your soul?”

13. “I really like your sermons so this is not a criticism just a true inquiry. Why do you preach longer than most preachers?”

14. “Bro Y. - Is there anything in the Bible that shows we should undo the errors of folks in teaching them or should we just cover those things later?”