January 2009 Q & A

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January 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “Can you please help me with a question about where in the Bible does it show that two different colors can't marry? I have a sister (white) who married a man (black and they have three children. I was told that becuase they mixed races, God is not happy and they will not go to heaven even if they are baptized for remission of sins and serve the Lord. I just need alittle help understanding where I can find this in the Bible and if it wrong I would really like to know. This plays a big part in my family also on fellowship. Please help if you can. Thanks.
P.S. I am a member of Christ's church also here in Florida”

2. “Brother I have been seriously wondering if I will be lost because I am overweight. I am not really fat but I would be considered very obese. What does the Bible say about being fat? Is it a sin? I really do not each too much, I just cannot seem to keep the weight off as fast as I can put it on. This time of year I seem to gain more from special family gatherings and then it just piles up from there. What do the words of Jesus tell us about being obese?”

3. “where were the Urim and the Thumim supposed to be on the priest?”

4. “Is swine considered an unclean meat? If they are wouldn’t that mean that hotdogs and other mystery meats could not be eaten?”

5. “Sir, I am an usher in my church and have been doing this duty for several years. I am looking to better my task to serve the Lord more fully in this capacity. What verses in the bible would better equip me to serve as a good usher?”

6. “Brother Brain Yeager would you please comment on what the new heavens and new earth are? There are some that think this is a rebuilt earth for those not in heaven. I do not see that in the scriptural texts.”

7. “What is real beauty? It appears that many have found the beauty of a woman to be the hair, skin, nails and so on. Does the bible give us a clear picture of what a beautiful woman really is? What should young men and even women focus on as beauty? Thank you for your time in this question. I think a good answer will go a long way in helping young people and others looking for a good spouse.”

8. “The Church of Christ I have attended for many years has always used a song book titled Songs For the Church. Wouldn’t you concur that we already have that song book and that it is the book of Psalms in the Old Covenant of our Lord?”

9. “I was baptized when I was 12 years old. Through the years I have faltered but have always attended my church. Now I am 40 and married. I attend my church every week and I want to renew my relationship with God. Do I need to be re-baptized for this to happen? Or do I ask for forgiveness and move forward on my new path?”

10. “Can we find any scriptural authority to appoint trustees in the church when there are not elders qualified to lead?”

11. “Brian. My uncle is soon to be put to death for a crime he committed 30 years ago. He is now a Christian. I am writing the judge and want some good scriptures to show it is wrong to practice capital punishment. Can you help me with answering that?”

12. “should christians have televisions; radios; or computers”

13. “Brian do angels have free moral agency or has Jehovah set some on a course of right and others on wrong?”

14. “Bro. I really enjoy the work you are doing and the church there. We are part of a small and struggling congregation. We get so discouraged in how few seem to care about the truth. They say and do not. My question is what Scriptures should we keep in mind as the apostasy movement continues to grow and the few get fewer?”

15. “Please describe the scriptural definition of honoring parents, and please contrast focusing time on lost parents vs. others who are more receptive. Is there a scriptural time when we no longer reach out to parents and family? Thank you your Q&A study.”

16. “This is my second question, just so you know, I don't want to take more than a fair share of turns. I often hear people say things like 'Satan loves this... or Satan will take advantage of' Scripturally what role does Satan play today? and what power does he really have over us? Thanks.”

17. “Brian, I have heard you mention a few times what happens to us after we die, but could you speak for a few minutes about the life after and when the judgement is and what will happen at the judgement”.

18. “okay, here is a question I hope you will help me with. i’m a college student struggling with what to do during spring break. many of my friends will be going to the islands in the bahamas. i've been taught that swimming is wrong because i've been raised to be a christian. since i've been in college i find that i do things i would not do at home. i would not go if i was not in college. but i do not know if it is really wrong or not to do. would i be wrong to go swimming and stuff at spring break?”