February 2009 Q & A

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February 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “Brian, What if a congregation has some problems and you are the only one that sees them? Should you just leave or should you try to deal with those problems?”

2. “It’s good to see your site back to normal. I enjoy it very much. Please explain Philippians 2:6. Some believe this means Jesus was not deity. Thank You.”

3. “Please explain mark 16 17”.

4. “Brian; I have honestly been looking into the orphan home issue. I have studied arguments from both sides of this issue. The work I am in is not possible to support orphanages so we are not. I still think it is something I need to know right or wrong on. After reading James 1:27 I cannot see how you have concluded that oprhanes homes should not be supported by the church. Please explain your reasoning on this so I can consider it too.”

5. “my wife and I have heard preachers talk about tulip. What is it and why do preachers use such terms when we cannot know what they mean?”

6. “Brother Yeager, since we know there is only one church Eph. 4:4 and that the church is the Church of Christ Rom. 16:16 why do churches call themselves Sunrise Acres or Second Street or County Church of Christ? Aren’t we then adding to the divine name of the church?”

7. “Dear Sir: Martin Luther is considered by most theologians to be a founding father of the true church. History confirms that without Martin Luther we would not be free to worship God today. He is truly the reformer of the church era. Why would then people like yourself speak against this godly man?”

8. “The Bible says that Jesus was born in the city of David which would be Jerusalem. Why then does Matthew say he was born in Bethlehem?”

9. “Brother Yeager – in what book of the Bible did God decide to form His plan for salvation?”

10. “Dear church of Christ at wordsoftruth.net, what are the qualifications of a scriptural deacon?”

11. “Are 1 Cor. 11:3 and Gal. 3:29 unified scriptures? It would seem that Paul when he earlier wrote the epistle to the Corinthians felt women were beneath men then later changed his mind as he saw the value of women leading in the church. Would you agree?”

12. “I listen to your sermons most weeks. My wife and I appreciate audio online from your site and others. The sermon on the mount is a good one. Thank you for your work on it. That being said, I do not always agree with what you’ve preached. For instance, in your last sermon you talked about preaching being by grace and how it is a gift from God to be a preacher. Don’t you think that is an overstatement? Also, do you think it is good that your children make fun of Joel Osteen?”

13. “Brother I have a question about my marital status from God’s viewpoint. I was married many years ago and my wife left me. I was not a christian then and I was not a good husband. The divorce was not for fornication. She has now died. Does that mean I am able to remarry or am I considered put away for good? Thank you for taking the time to answer this. I am not sure there are clear commands so I understand if you are not comfortable answering this.”