December 2009 Q & A

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December 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “Are there any verses in the Bible that show the earth has been given to us from God?”

2. “Brian: Having read through your website for many years I can see you go through the grinder for standing for the truth. Thank you for that. My question is related to this point. I too see my fair share of hatred for standing up for the gospel. Do you ever get to a point where it doesn’t bother you? If so, what verses have helped you get there? Another question, why was Jesus so hated? One more. Can we be angry in a right way against errorists?”

3. “HI. I am a Jehovah’s Witness and I have found your writings about my faith to be very offensive. Why don’t you explain to all of your followers why you think you should EXPOSE anyone? Who do you think you are?”

4. “Brother: Is it ever good for Christians to suffer from sorrow?”

5. “Brian, are there verses that show Jesus has concern about there being any faithful people on the earth?”

6. “Brother Yeager, I have a question about divorce. I know you said you have answered many of these questions, but please consider this one. If two are married at a time where they are too young and maybe even circumstances like a pregnancy exist that forces that couple to marry. They are not married out of love. They did not expect to get married. They were kids still at the time. They grow older and grow in the Lord. They find that they are not really husband and wife because they did not agree to anything more than a extended boyfriend girlfriend type of thing. They never really loved but lusted for each other. Since they cannot fill their marriage obligations shouldn’t they just call it quits and start fresh in a real marriage since the kids are now grown”?

7. “brother yeager when someone is always lyin about everything they do how will you know if they ever really repent of something?”

8. “Do you believe it is wrong to attend a catholic wedding service?”

9. “i know that the lord wants his disciples to do what is right. and yet we always find that very few are really doing what is right. so wouldn’t it be fair to say that the lord knows his church cannot be perfect?”

10. “Mr. Yeager. May a widow marry one who is not a Christian considering what is written in 1 Cor. 7:39?”

11. “Are Christians commanded to observe the Sabbath?”

12. “Brian, what scriptures can be used to show witchcraft is wrong?”

13. “If Christians are not hospitable will they go to Hell?