August 2009 Q & A

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August 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “When a young couple marries does the authority of the parents cease in that relationship?”

2. “I have been hurt by the church in the past. How can I overcome this and become an active member again?”

3. “Brother, Are prayer labyrinths biblical?”

4. “Brian; I accepted Christ into my heart about five years ago but recently have read that there is more to it than just that. I came acrossed your website here and am wondering if you can help with some insight into this simple question. If accepting Christ into my heart is not enough why does the scripture say that we are saved by doing this?”

5. “Brother Yeager I really enjoy some of the studies of songs on the webpage. Is the song we often sing about dragons and mountains praising God scripturally sound? It seems impossible and a bit of a fairy tale to say that mountains can praise God. Thank you for answering.”

6. “Brother, Was Moses kept from the land of milk and honey?”

7. “What is baptism of the holy ghost and when does it happen?”

8. “Mr. Brian. My question is if a person dies in the process of going to be baptized they be saved?”

9. “In the Bible, was it Moses or Aaron that the sun and moon stood still before at their request?”

10. “Does forgiving my brother mean that I should forgive them, just because they've asked me
to do so, even though they've let me down time after time in the past?”

11. “What type of wood was used to make the cross on which Jesus was crucified?

12. “Brian, do angels live among us, working jobs and having families as we do?”

13. “According to Matthew 28:18 does this show us that Jesus will be the supreme authority forever?”

14. “Dearest Brother – we have had many discussions on our congregation about withdrawing fellowship. No one likes the subject and I would guess you don’t either but we have to do what is good for truth. So in our discussions we have come to a block of sorts. Does Matt 13:28-30 teach us that we should not try and withdraw fellowship from people that aren’t causing division in the body of Christ?”

15. “Brian, I know a man who has a very sinful past and is now a minister in the church. Should this be allowed?”

16. “Is it best to handle a matter of difference with another first hand or by obtaining someone to act as a mediator? Please give bcv for your answer.”

17. “Brother - We have read some material from America that says the holy ghost is not a person meaning not an individual. The teaching is that the holy ghost is a thing a life force of sort representing God. Have you heard this? What do you say?"