April 2009 Q & A

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April 2009 Questions / Answers

1. “hi brian. i have been a christian now for 3 years. my husband decided that he would not be obedient. since then we have had several marital problems because of the time I spend with my church family. what can i do to help him see why i do what i do? even more important how can i get him to obey god?”

2. “Brian, shouldn’t our teaching of the Scriptures adjust to changes in times? Shouldn’t we teach things that fit today since we’re different in times than in the first 100 years AD?”

3. “The scripture says that Jesus was the propitiation for our sins so what does that mean?”

4. “Hello. What is the view you take on abortion?”

5. “I have often heard that there is only one scriptural cause for divorce being that of fornication. Yet when I read the Bible I see other causes which God approves us such as the mate being an unbeliever. If your mate is an unbeliever you can leave them and marry another. That is what Paul said in 1 Cor. 7:14-15. Why isn’t this taught?”

6. “What did Jesus mean in John 6:54 where he says, "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life …"? Is he referring to Communion?”

7. “Is the war in Iraq what Jesus was talking about in Matt. 24:6)?”

8. “Brian, with summer coming up soon my children and I will be discussing why we do not go to public swimming pools. They will whine and fuss like they do every year. Are there any scriptures I can use to help them understand what modesty is and why we shouldn’t dress or be around those who dress with being modest?”

9. “Dear Brian, I have a follow question on the mother in law who meddles in my family and the church. Say I have followed the process of going to her, taking two more, and bringing it to the church but all think that it is just a family problem and I should live with it. What then? “

10. “Did Cornelius receive the Holy Ghost before baptism? If so, does this mean he was saved without baptism?”

11. “If I have some serious reservations about doing something would that make it wrong to do it? For example, if I am not convinced that I should work at a restaurant in which I am required to serve alcohol to patrons, would it be a sin to do it with reservations?”

12. “When will the last days start and how long will they last?”

13. “Hi Mr. Yeager my mom said I could write and ask you a question. Our family hears your sermons on the computer and thanks you. Does God know everything I think about?”

14. “Why does God call earth his footstool? Does that not then mean that the God looks down on us making him somewhat of an ego maniac?”

15. “Can someone be saved if they do not believe everything about the resurrection of Jesus? I mean, what if there are some things like the three days in which it is said Jesus was buried but really in some realm that we do not believe?”

16. “Is sex before marriage wrong?”

17. “Easter sunday is in the Bible? Please tell me the bible text regarding easter sunday, thanks and God bless.”

18. “My wife and I ate at an “All You Can Eat Buffet” (where I usually try to get my monies worth), and as we left the restaurant, my stomach seemed to be bustin’at the seams. Is eating too much considered the sin of gluttony?”