An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 113 – Vengeance Belongs To God Through Worship At His Holy Hill (Psalms 94-99)
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1. In the first ten verses of the ninety-fourth Psalm, why did the Psalmist ask God to show Himself?

2. What is the Lord’s view regarding what man thinks?

3. While any child of God does not want to err to need correction (James 1:16), does being corrected by God always end badly?

4. In reading Psalms 94:14-23, do we find that the Psalmist is doubtful about God delivering Israel?

5. Why does the Psalmist declare that songs should be sung unto the Lord?

6. What event in Israel’s history is Psalms 95:7-11 referring to (hint – Numbers 13:17-14:39)?

7. Can the salvation and glory of God be revealed through songs?

8. What is the biggest difference between God and the gods of the nations?

9. Should everyone worship the Lord?

10. As the ninety-seventh Psalm begins, what is stated about the Lord in the first three words?

11. How wonderful are the surroundings of God?

12. What does the Psalmist say concerning the Lord and idols in the ninety-seventh Psalm?

13. What will those whom love the Lord do according to the ninety-seventh Psalm?

14. As the ninety-seventh Psalm concludes, are the righteous expected to act depressed?

15. What reasons are listed for singing to the Lord in the ninety-eighth Psalm?

16. What instruments were to be used in praise to God in the ninety-eighth Psalm?

17. What is said concerning the sea, floods, and hills as the ninety-eighth Psalm concludes?

18. (This question requires looking at other Scriptures. Hint – Exodus 25:22). What location is being discussed as the ninety-ninth Psalm begins?

19. Who is high, terrible, holy, and worthy of exaltation?

20. Though the Lord answered Moses, Aaron, and Samuel; did He overlook the errors of those periods of time?