An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 112 – The Lord As A Dwelling Place Through God’s Sure Testimonies (Psalms 90-93)

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1. What dwelling place does the ninetieth Psalm begin with?

2. What Scripture in the ninetieth Psalm establishes that God is eternal?

3. What is revealed about the Lord’s anger towards the unrighteous in the ninetieth Psalm?

4. For discussion, please consider this verse and the questions to follow (you’ll need to study outside the context for the answers to the questions):
“Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, our secret sins in the light of thy countenance” (Psalms 90:8).
a. Can anyone hide anything from God?

b. Can sin be hidden from other people?

c. Will sins that have been kept secret from men, be revealed in the Judgment?

d. Does a person have to be capable of knowing right from wrong to commit a sin (i.e. an infant or mentality retarded individual)?

e. What is the biblical definition of “sin”?

f. Does Psalms 90:8 teach that “secret sins” allows us to do wrong and not know we’re doing wrong (i.e. sins of ignorance or sins committed while we are not paying attention to what we’re doing)?

5. In the ninetieth Psalm, what number is put on the life expectancy of people?

6. Why did the Psalmist want God to teach Israel to number their days?

7. Did the Psalmist beseech the Lord to return to Israel and establish the work of their hands?

8. Did the Lord hide His people from harm when they were faithful?

9. As we begin the ninety-second Psalm, what is a good thing?

10. What did a brutish man fail to know?

11. What happens to the wicked, which are enemies of the Lord?

12. In contrast to the previous question, what occurs to the righteous at the hand of God?

13. What king reigns and establishes things that cannot be moved?

14. What does the ninety-third Psalm tell us about God’s testimonies [His word]?