An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 111 – Glorious Zion Through Blessed Be The Lord (Psalms 87-89)

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1. How special was Zion to the Lord?

2. What is the difference between Zion and any other place the Psalmist made mention of (i.e. Babylon, Tyre, etc.)?

3. In the first nine verses of the eighty-eighth Psalm, what do we learn about the penman of this Psalm?

4. What does the Psalmist ask God about the dead and the “land of forgetfulness”?

5. While this Psalmist has cried unto God, does he feel that God has responded kindly?

6. Is the mercy of God something good to sing about?

7. Whose seed did God promise to establish forever?

8. What should be found in the congregation of God’s saints?

9. What things does the Psalmist say shows God’s strength?

10. What will the blessed people of God do?

11. What is revealed to us about a vision concerning David?

12. The Psalmist realized God would not cast off Israel forever (Psalms 89:34-37). However, what in our current context reveals that God was angry with Israel at the time the eighty-ninth Psalm was written?

13. What did the Psalmist fear about the wrath of God?

14. Did the Psalmist fear dying before God’s wrath subsided?

15. What did the Psalmist ask God to remember?

16. What had the enemies of Israel been doing during this time?

17. Though the Psalmist wanted the punishment of the people of God to cease, what does he conclude this Psalm with?