An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 110 - Request For God To Move Through Shaming The Haters (Psalms 83-86)
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1. Why did the Psalmist ask God not to hold His peace?

2. Who has taken crafty counsel against God’s people?

3. What did the Psalmist want God to do to those who took counsel against God’s people?

4. What did the Psalmist say would be the outcome if God punished His enemies?

5. How did the Psalmist feel about the tabernacle/courts of the Lord?

6. Did the Psalmist think that anyone that dwelt in God’s house would be blessed?

7. Where should man look for his strength?

8. Did the Psalmist want God to hear his prayers?

9. Since the term “anointed” is used in Psalms 84:9, is it safe to say David penned this Psalm?

10. Did the Psalmist enjoy being in the tabernacle/temple of the Lord?

11. Who can count on the Lord’s providence?

12. Did the Psalmist remember the good God had done for them in the past?

13. At the time the eighty-fifth Psalm was written, what was Israel’s spiritual status?

14. Did the Psalmist seem to realize that peace and salvation from God was contingent on their remaining faithful once He forgave them?

15. Is mercy connected to truth?

16. What or who is the source of righteousness?

17. Did the Psalmist look to God in times of need?

18. Did the Psalmist realize there is no god like the God of heaven?

19. What did the Psalmist want God to teach him?

20. What was one reason the Psalmist was willing to praise God with all of his heart?

21. Who rose up against the Psalmist?

22. What attributes does the Psalmist reveal about God’s character?

23. What did the Psalmist request at the conclusion of the eighty-sixth Psalm?