An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 109 - The Heathen Invasion Through Desiring God To Judge (Psalms 79-82)
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1. As we begin the seventy-ninth Psalm, do we find Israel peacefully safe?

2. Who really was making Israel a reproach unto their neighbors?

3. Who did the Psalmist ask God to pour His anger out upon?

4. What did the Psalmist want God to forget?

5. What tactic of appeal did the Psalmist use to try and turn away God’s anger from Israel?

6. As the Psalmist approaches God as the Shepherd of Israel in the eightieth Psalm, is Israel on good terms with God at the time this Psalm was written?

7. What is the Psalmist talking about with his illustration of a vine being brought out of Egypt?

8. Does the eighty-first Psalm begin with a request for mercy or a command to praise God?

9. At what time did God originally ordain the blowing of the trumpet during the solemn feast?

10. If Israel would listen to God, what would they not have in Israel?

11. Did the Lord want to care for (i.e. feed) His people?

12. Why did the Lord give up His people to their own lusts?

13. Can you see, from the eighty-first Psalm, that God really wants His people to listen to Him?

14. Had Israel listened to God, what would have happened for them?

15. Does the penman of the eighty-second Psalm realize that God judges above all others?

16. What charge is being made about God’s judgments?

17. Did this particular Psalmist feel that God was helping those who were poor, needy, and fatherless?

18. In the eyes of the Psalmist, did he consider those discussed in this chapter as understanding people?

19. What did the Psalmist tell the people he is discussing in the eighty-second Psalm?

20. What did the Psalmist want God to arise and do?