An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 108 - Hear The Law Of God Through Bringing David To Shepherd His People (Psalms 78)
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1. Did God want His word shared from generation to generation?

2. Does the passing on of God’s word help future generations?

3. Did the children of Ephraim remember God’s works/law?

4. What events led up to God kindling a fire against Jacob and His anger coming up against Israel?

5. Did they fail to believe in God and trust in His salvation?

6. What did Israel do when God fed them with manna from above?

7. When did Israel seek after and remember God?

8. Did Israel continue seeking after and remembering God? Why or why not?

9. What kept God from utterly destroying Israel?

10. Did Israel rarely test God’s patience?

11. Did Israel forget just a few things God did in their sight?

12. What example were the children of Israel following when they turned away from God?

13. What did Israel provoke God to anger with?

14. Did God allow Israel to provoke Him without any consequences?

15. What did the Lord do when He, “awaked as one out of sleep”?